thepuriTea Cold Brewed Series #4 of 5 – Dan Cong Oolong

Please except my apologies for not having this review posted yesterday as I had previously promised. It was a long day at work and to top it off not even a drop of descent tea to boot. It is fortunate I have plenty to satisfy my tea cravings and moods at home. Pretty sure I could put even Teavana to shame. Although, I suppose that really wouldn’t be to difficult a task for just about anyone. Note: Anyone that appreciates Teavana’s offerings please do not take offense to my statement above. I too have many of their teas as they were part of my gateway to better teas as well. I am sure you all agree everyone is entitled to their opinion so I hope we can leave it at that. Now, enough of the rambling and on to the the review.

Tea Name: Dan Cong Oolong

Tea Company: thepuriTea

Tea Notes: Let me start by sharing with you that although I enjoyed this cold brewed I appreciate this particular tea much more hot. The strongest note cold brewed was it’s fruitiness and floral flavors. Mind you I do enjoy some fruity teas and floral teas but majority of the time I find it difficult to find a tea with these attributes I enjoy a great deal. In other words I have never really been a huge fan of fruity and floral teas. The ones I do enjoy are few and far between. In addition, this oolong is very light and bright. I would imagine it to make for a great summer tea especially on the hottest of days. Definitely not an autumn or winter tea unless of course it were prepared in traditional fashion, hot.

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