Magic Carpet Tea – Oolong & Date Blend Review

First, I would like to thank Magic Carpet Tea for sending such a generous sample. I would also like to apologize for the delay in reviewing this tea. I would like to review this tea as objectively as possible. I have never tried this combinations of flavors in a tea before but I did have high hopes. I love oolong tea and enjoy dates as well.
Obvious oolong flavor
The dates are earthy in flavor
Unique combinations (Extra Points for Creativity)
Leaves were not well defined as I would like to have seen them.
I will finish my sample and I am greatful for the opportunity. Unfortunately, as the blend stands today, I will not order it myself. Keep in mind this just based on my own personal preferences. I would like to try this as an oolong with dates and perhaps essence of dates as well, if there is such a thing instead of the use of “date sugar.”
I am certain others would enjoy this blend as is. It just wasn’t for me. I understand “date sugar” is not real sugar, but being a Type 2 Diabetic I have gotten myself accustomed to teas without the addition of sweetner, be they real or artifical. Again, this my preference which would obviously vary person to person.
With that said there is great potential here. I would suggest a better quality oolong with larger pieces of unaltered dates. I would jump at the opportunity to drink this tea again if reformulated with the suggestions made here are taken into consideration. A believe a few changes could give this tea blend just what it needs to be a favorite in anyone’s cupboard.
* Updated: In error, I listed this tea as having included real sugar originally. The error was not at all malicious and was purly an error. As I had stated in my review I am familiar with this type of tea combination and made an honest mistake. I am truly sorry about the mixup. To avoid “libel,” as stated in the original contact message with Magic Carpet Tea I wanted to make certain I put in a public apology in my review. Thus, I apologized and have corrected my review to reflect that in fact this tea contains “date sugar” not actual sugar. Thanks! 12/2/11

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