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Pre-Tea Fast Jitters

Pre-Tea Fast Jitters 2 Days Prior to Tea Fast Oh my gosh! What was I thinking? The big day is just around the corner. In preparation for my fast I have been enjoying some of my finer teas that I have been saving for a special occasion. ~ Note to self – Stop saving teas no matter how rare, costly,… Read more →

Tea Magazine Has Gone Digital!

Tea Magazine Has Gone Digital! Why does this matter? Simple, in this world of multi-tasking I would like to peacefully sit down to a magazine and a cup of tea but truthfully it just does not happen as frequently as I’d like. In reality I am typing away, searching something on online, responding to tweets, reading blog posts, updating Facebook… Read more →

Obsessed With Green

No, I’m not talking about money. Although I wouldn’t mind an extra few bucks. What I am talking about is…Green Tea. Like many of you, I go through moods where I drink a particular tea constantly and then when the wind blows just right I switch to something new a few weeks or months down the line. These days I… Read more →

19 Lessons On Tea – Review

19 Lessons On Tea By: 27Press I was lucky enough to find out on Twitter that this book was available for free on the Kindle but only temporarily. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t, it is all about tea after all. Once I got started, I quickly found the book to be a nice quick read with… Read more →

Sautéing Sencha

If you didn’t already know, I enjoy experimenting with tea. My current fascination is with fresh, aromatic, and vegetal green tea such as Sencha and Gyokuro. It started not long ago when I sat down to enjoy some of the most freshest, emerald green, Sencha I had ever had the pleasure of drinking and eating. The Sencha was a thoughtful… Read more →

My Magisso White Teacup

My first impression when I unboxed this teacup was just how large it was. I didn’t expect to be as large as it was. Of course, I did not pay any attention to the dimensions that I am certain were clearly stated on Amazon’s site. Nevertheless, once I got over the initial shock, I decided to give my new teacup… Read more →

It’s True…I Ate My Sencha

Please don’t cringe. It all sort of happened by accident and because of my inability to restrain myself. Yesterday during our bi-weekly “Ladies of Tea Trade” Google+ Hangout I decided to finally partake in an indulgence so graciously provided by @Jopj. It was a vibrant, deep emerald green Sencha. The leaves were thin and almost silky in appearance. Just looking… Read more →

Mechanics of My Mind

Ever find that sometimes it is better to just write out or talk out some of your thoughts and ideas for a little mental order?  I am at the point where I think my best outlet for order is to write it out here. As many of you already know I run my own modest business called iHeartTeas which is… Read more →

Curious: Golden Monkey Infused Merlot

What an exciting experiment.  Let me give you a little background.  I was recently inspired to make this concoction with slight variation of course when I heard about from Nicole Martin also know as @TeaForMePlease during a Ladies Tea Trade Hangout on Google+ with @Jackie and @jopj. ~By the way, if you are interested in joining a hangout contact @Jackie… Read more →

Review: Organic Irish Breakfast from EPI Tea

Thank you to EPI Tea for sending me several samples of teas to review.  I have decided to start with Irish Breakfast this morning.  The biggest reason is because it is still fairly early in the morning and who am I kidding, I could use a little wake up call. Tea: Organic Irish Breakfast (Black Tea) – Pyramid Bag  Steep Time:… Read more →

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