Obsessed With Green

No, I’m not talking about money. Although I wouldn’t mind an extra few bucks. What I am talking about is…Green Tea.

Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas
Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas

Like many of you, I go through moods where I drink a particular tea constantly and then when the wind blows just right I switch to something new a few weeks or months down the line. These days I am just gaga over green tea.

A few of my favorites are…

Picture Provided By ItoEn.com
Picture Provided By ItoEn.com

1. Oi Ocha Dark (RTD) from ITO EN – I have been drinking this for years and do not plan on giving it up anytime in the future. It is my in between a freshly steeped cup beverage of choice. A water substitute if you will. Those who see me frequently would not recognize me without my bottle by my side. I am proud of this and would help pedal this beverage to all that gaze upon its glory with eyes of curiosity.

Picture Provided By ItoEn.com
Picture Provided By ItoEn.com

2. Sencha Shot (RTD) from ITO EN – The first time I had this was at the World Tea Expo 2012 in Las Vegas. I regret not writing about it then but it might have been for the best as I have really started to appreciate this more just these past few months. It is magnificent chilled and the flavor is truly authentic. I am extremely impressed with the manufacturing of this product and its ability to preserve the authentic flavor of Sencha. My only complaints would be price as it is a bit above what I would be willing to spend on a regular basis and size of the can. I would like to see this released in large quantity vessels, although understand why this may not be what ITO EN may have envisioned with this particular beverage

Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas
Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas

3. Asanoka Sencha from @AGiftofTea – The very same Sencha I have been cooking with and eating. My dear friend and fellow @TeaTrade Blogger and seller Jo Johnson was kind enough to send me some of this tea over the holidays. It is because of her that I have found a new respect and appreciation for good Sencha. It isn’t that I hadn’t been exposed to better quality Sencha in the past but rather I had fallen in with a bad crowd. It seems the majority of the Sencha as of late was of poorer quality making me forget about what could be. So many times I had been exposed to Sencha that was lighter in color, a bit longer in leaf, wider, and flatter than what you would expect in a better quality Sencha. Jo was my savior when she introduced me to this gorgeous specimen and now I will never look back. Keep in mind I was a lucky girl since she sent this to me out of the kindness of her heart. She has not officially posted this item up for sale yet. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact her directly through Tea Trade.

Rachel Carter
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  3 comments for “Obsessed With Green

  1. 5 Feb ’13 at 4:15 pm

    Very nice photo Rachel Asanoka is one of my favorite Senchas. I am so glad you enjoyed it. “Going Green” can be so much fun.

  2. 5 Feb ’13 at 4:38 pm

    Oi Ocha is also my favorite bottled tea.

  3. 5 Feb ’13 at 7:47 pm

    Going green is fun.
    But going for all the tea colours is fun.

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