Tea Magazine Has Gone Digital!

Picture Provided By: TeaMag.com
Picture Provided By: TeaMag.com

Tea Magazine Has Gone Digital!

Why does this matter?
Simple, in this world of multi-tasking I would like to peacefully sit down to a magazine and a cup of tea but truthfully it just does not happen as frequently as I’d like. In reality I am typing away, searching something on online, responding to tweets, reading blog posts, updating Facebook and Google+, all the while updating my sites on Tea Trade of course. One would image that I would have had my fill of tea and tea accessories, but lets be honest us diehard fanatics can never get enough.

Now that the Tea Magazine is available in digital format it allows me the opportunity to sneak in an article or two in between the number of other activities that keep me busy throughout the day.

Why Digital?
Convenience – Convenience is a huge factor for me and keeping up with modern technology is another. Don’t worry, I still enjoy unplugging like the rest of us. I cherish the feel of a paper in my hands while comfortably reading on the sofa, periodically gazing at the falling snow out my window. Though, this is an activity so far and in between.

Embedded Links & Video – I appreciate the ability to click on a link and have it directly navigate to my selected destination without the need to open a separate window and preform a manual search. The additional video links available in the digital version are a great addition if you would like further information on the presented topic.

Image Quality – The clarity is unmatched especially when you are viewing it on a device such as an iPad with Retina Display. The image is incredibly crisp as is the text. I appreciate beauty in art and photography and when laid on a digital canvas it only flatters the subject matter.

Why “Tea Magazine?”
Current Information – Of all the tea magazines I have thus far been exposed to I find this one a bit more cutting edge and a whole lot less filled with “frills” and “doilies.” I don’t have anything against “frills” and “doilies” as there is a place and market for just that. I find Tea Magazine’s publication brings more value because they are helping to bring tea into the future with more modern, mainstream, and unique information with style.

Value & Flexibility – I found the yearly subscription a great value for its content. The tablet edition is just $24.95. You get 6 issues for the year and can view it on as many mobile device as you prefer thus making it flexible and accessible to your lifestyle. Here are the benefits as listed on their website…
• Password protected security
• Videos & photo galleries
• Social media sharing
It is like “tea on the go” when you’re waiting in line, at the doctors office, or even relaxing on the sofa. No more having to being subjected to tabloids and outdated waiting room magazines.

Great Staff – If you have a question or need some help the staff is always available, kind, and courteous. I prefer to only do business with those I know take customer service seriously. I can confirm from personal experience that the fine people of Tea Magazine to in fact do make “Customer Service” one of their main priorities.

Bonus: Often times Tea Magazine has various experts contribute to the magazine. I appreciate the diversity of the information provided and also often being able to recognize said contributors from time to time.

Personal Note: Can’t wait to see you all again at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas this year with special mention to Katrina (aka @TeaPages) from Tea Magazine.

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Picture Provided By: TeaMag.com
Picture Provided By: TeaMag.com

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