19 Lessons On Tea – Review

19 Lessons On Tea19 Lessons On Tea
By: 27Press

I was lucky enough to find out on Twitter that this book was available for free on the Kindle but only temporarily. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t, it is all about tea after all.

Once I got started, I quickly found the book to be a nice quick read with great introductory information about tea. Some of the little things impressed me most. Each lessons starts with a quote; tea related of course, and ends with a small history lesson on tea. I felt these small details made the book more unique and fun to read.

Tea has been a part of my life as a child and I still found I learned a few new pieces of information. Mostly I felt this book took on a more modernized approach. Iced Tea, Bubble Tea, Kombucha, and other “speciality” teas were covered briefly. Often times I do not see these types of new more recently made popular beverages discussed in books about tea. Even though herbal tea isn’t technically tea it also had its own lesson in the book.

I found this book to be well written, organized, and concise. I was thrilled that it addressed many different types of teas, tea blends, tea customs, preparation techniques, and talked about the value of a proper tea tasting and how to hold a tasting of your own.

I was also pleased “yellow” tea made it into the list of different tea types available. Yellow tea is mentioned so rarely and since this book is marketed to those newer to tea it is a great way to bring attention to this tea variety early in their education. Early awareness may result in additional demand making this harder to get tea more readily available.

Like others have mentioned my only concern is the discussion around how to reduce caffeine intake by allowing the tea leaves to steep for about thirty seconds and pouring out the liquid. The idea is that the second steep would have only trace amounts of caffeine remaining as most would have been washed away. Without enough evidence I felt this part would have been best omitted.

With only that mention I would still highly recommend this book. Again, it is a nice easy read. Well put together and organized thus making it easy to reference areas when needed. I believe it would be most beneficial to those getting ready to take tea to the next level and a great refresher for the seasoned tea drinker.

Rachel Carter
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