Curious: Golden Monkey Infused Merlot

What an exciting experiment.  Let me give you a little background.  I was recently inspired to make this concoction with slight variation of course when I heard about from Nicole Martin also know as @TeaForMePlease during a Ladies Tea Trade Hangout on Google+ with @Jackie and @jopj.

~By the way, if you are interested in joining a hangout contact @Jackie I’m sure she would be happy to help get you started. We hold them everything other Thursday night at 8pm CST with the next one scheduled this Thursday the 15th. Hope to see you there. ~

Now back to the tea infused wine. I’m enjoying a glass as I write and with every sip I’m finding it more and more difficult to put into words just how interesting the flavor profile is.  Please be patient with me as my command of the English language isn’t as skillful as perhaps some other amazing bloggers on Tea Trade such as @Lazyliteratus and @theDevotea.  I’ll do my best to muddle through and hopefully I’ll paint an accurate picture.

The Golden Monkey Infused Merlot Experiment


Estimated .75oz of Golden Monkey from Teas Etc.

Estimated 2 glasses of Merlot from Village Vintner (Local winery, brewery, and restaurant)

Combined tea and wine together in a glass jar, closed the lid, and placed in the refrigerator for roughly 16 hours.

Strained tea leaves out

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: At first impression the wine took on a new sweeter aroma with a distinct chocolatey scent.  The orginal aroma of the merlot prior to infusion was lighter, brighter, and fruitier. After the infusion you get an obvious bolder scent.

Flavor: While I was hoping the obvious chocolate aroma would translate in flavor it unfortunately did not.   No matter though as it didn’t disappoint in flavor.  You can clearly taste the Golden Monkey and I found that it married very well with the Merlot.  It was interesting, as the completed infusion appeared to capture the best qualities of each ingredient to make this a wonderful glass of  “tea wine.”  The flavor had a reminiscent fruity flavor of the merlot but far more subtle than it would have traditionally tasted.  Now it was distinctly more earthy, rich, robust, and heady.  The two components complemented each other very well with none of the included ingredents drowning out the other.

Since I still don’t feel I did this post or this new beverage justice with my discription here I promise if I am ever to meet you in person I shall make a fresh batch so that we may share a glass together and compare notes.

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