Mechanics of My Mind

Ever find that sometimes it is better to just write out or talk out some of your thoughts and ideas for a little mental order?  I am at the point where I think my best outlet for order is to write it out here.

As many of you already know I run my own modest business called iHeartTeas which is of course hosted right here on Tea Trade.  It started out as a fun distraction and a way for me to flex my creative muscle.  I’ve learned long ago that I successfully use both sides of my brain.  I am both creative and analytical which does cause some internal feuding from time to time.  As of late I feel like maybe I have found some accidental success in what I have been doing here on Tea Trade and Etsy.  It is that success that has brought me to these crossroads.  I need to decide my next step.  Do I continue my current strategy by taking things slowly or do I get more aggressive and business focused?  You know what they say, “if it isn’t broke why fix it.”

For one I absolutely LOVE tea and I doubt the heavens nor Earth could ever change that.  Of course, my tastes evolve as I am sure they do for many here as well.  It has been established, I have “passion” which for many running a business can be an issue.  It has been in my experience when going into anything purely for the money you are destined to fail.  Let us be honest everyone has the desire to make money.   What’s important is you find what you love and you are fairly confident you will never grow tired of and then start a business, but only if that is something you have a desire to do.  I have the passion and I have the desire.

Now the why? While I have never discussed this nor has anyone asked.  The question is “why” do I want to run a business.  Lucky for me it isn’t for financial gain, at least not primarily.  I have such a need and desire to create and share with the world what I have made that the best way is to create, sell, and make just enough to create some more and start the cycle again.  Is this a “good” business model?  My gut says “no” but since I am not in fear of bankruptcy it may just be alright for now.  However, in reality I need to make a decision and have clear reasons to continue.  I have romanticized the notion of running a business as just a creative process when I know there is so much more to it than that.   If I have goals written out that are clear and concise I will know what I am driving to do and aim hard to achieve them.

Remember the crossroads I mentioned earlier?  Here is my dilemma.  I have recently taken an important step regarding my career path.  First and foremost I am always a mom and wife.  Family is more important than anything. Even tea, please don’t  judge me.  I have been for the past four years working a part-time job that does occupy my time in between home life, hectic schedules, and of course iHeartTeas.  My sweet husband one day said if I so desired I can give up my “day job” and focus on whatever else my heart desires.  Obviously this meant just about anything.  I could focus primarily on being a stay at home mom, business owner, go back to school, or just continue working.  It has been a tough month trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  Here is where I am today…

1. Work an extremely reduced workload at my current job. Arrangements have been made.

2. Go back to school while my daughter is in school.

3. Focus on the business.

What would you do? If the same offer were presented to you.

It’s funny. I went into the business as something fun. Something more of a hobby.  I can’t believe it has the potential to be something more.  As some of you already know I am terrible at self promotion.  I always feel like those “Mary Kay” or “Avon” girls selling door to door.  My biggest challenge is me and I know this because so many of you have said such wonderful things about my products.  I need more faith in myself but until I work those kinks out I hope I can rely on you for the occasional kick in the right direction.  I have had many people tell me to take my tea-inspired beauty products to WholeFoods and even talk with Oprah’s people about her new organic line.  I just can’t believe some of you think my product is that wonderful.  You know who you are and you have no idea how wonderful it makes me feel.  Thank you.

But… you know what they say, “you are your worst critic.”


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