Milk Oolong Infused Vodka – Recipe

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For those who aren’t aware I do enjoy experimenting and including tea in every aspect of my life whenever possible. One of my favorite things to do is infusing teas with a few of my other favorite beverages.

My experiment today involves “Milk Oolong” a personal favorite and vodka. Not a difficult experiment at all so it had to be done. Many of you already saw my post about this last year on Google+. It was there I realized I never posted it here. For that I apologize.


Pungent Milk Oolong – Be sure it is fresh and the aroma is strong. I do not prefer drinking milk oolong’s that have been bathed in real milk. I enjoy a natural unaltered variety which is what I used here.

Premium Vodka – Go for a clean unflavored finish. The vodka that contains its own unique flavor profile, if strong can take away from the finished product and alter the final infused flavor. I used Kettle One but just like tea Vodka is a personal choice and what may work for me, may not work for you.


1 – 12oz Glass Jar

Extra Glass Large Enough To Hold Jar Contents


Glass For Drinking

Step 1:

Fill your glass jar half way up with “Milk Oolong”

Step 2:

Completely fill up your glass jar with your vodka of choice

Step 3:

Screw top back on the jar and close tightly

Step 4:

Place jar in refrigerator for minimum 24hrs

Step 5:

Strain now infused vodka into another container and dispose of “Milk Oolong”

Step 6:

Pour yourself a small sample of your newly infused vodka and enjoy.

Step 7:

Put remaining vodka back into the glass jar, screw on top tightly, and place back into the refrigerator. Do not wait to long to finish it. The flavor may become altered and no longer enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed this little experiment. Please share with my your results when you make your first batch.


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8 Responses

  1. Xavier says:

    I am not into vodka but I heard good things about some tea/alcool mixes so why not?

  2. iheartteas says:

    Thanks @xavier and exactly…why not? It really is fun to experiment. My next attempt is to make an “Tea Slushy.” 🙂

  3. jopj says:

    You go girl, looks so good now if I could only find a non- alcoholic vodka 🙂

  4. iheartteas says:

    Thanks @Jopj don’t worry my next experiment is a “Tea Slushy” and it will be alcohol free. 🙂

  5. Jackie says:

    I’m thinking if you bottled this and sold it they’d fly off your shelves! 😉

  6. Chad says:

    Are the leaves not reusable as you could in traditional steeping? Is there an opportunity for using vodka soaked leaves? I wonder if there’s some fun cooking opportunity…

    • iheartteas says:

      Great question Chad. In my personal opinion I do not feel comfortable reusing the leaves once they have been used to infuse in the vodka. However, if you try this and do in fact reuse or cook with the leaves I would love to hear about your outcome. Thanks. 🙂

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