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Gosh, do you ever get that feeling of shear happiness? You know the feeling where everything in your life just feels perfect regardless if it is or not?  It just so happens that I am experiencing that rare form or euphoria right now and felt what better time than now to write a blog post capturing my ever so fast and fleeting moment that only comes but once a “blue moon.” This is one of those moments where I can do anything and find pleasure in any moment.  It’s strange because we have had a bit of bad luck this past weekend.  On this past Friday my husband lost his basically brand new iPad3 64G on an airplane.  Still don’t know if we will see it again.  Then on Saturday we discovered someone rear ended our car. Minor damage but still can it get any worse? On Sunday a bunch of us went to Six Flags Great America for Fright Fest, which by the way was anything but frightening.  Still the rides were amazing and fun.  I was glad that after all these years I was still able to take the most thrilling rides without fear or getting sick.  Most of all the last time I was at Six Flags was probably about 4 maybe 5 years ago and I was pretty overweight.  Although, I was able to take the rides I went on it was still sometimes pretty challenging to fit in the seats and get the harnesses on.  The most difficult was the Eagle.  The best ride in the park after 30years it’s still going. It is an old wooden coaster many of you must have seen it in a few classic movies before.  So the best news is this year I was able to take ALL the rides without fear or difficulty.  I have lost so much weight since then and though I still had irrational fears that I was going to still have issues I didn’t.  The only bad news was halfway through my knee was killing me.  It’s my left knee that I had surgery on back in 1998 and I can see I will need it once again but I’ll be honest I’m in denial.  Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to deny it though.

Now the next day, Columbus Day. We all went to the Pumpkin Patch. The very same one I had been going to every year since I was in the fifth grade, a family tradition of course.  We found the perfect pumpkin, visited the animal farm, did the corn stalk maze, and had fresh roasted corn, and apple cider.  Still my knee hadn’t recovered from the day before.  Things are looking more and more grim and obvious that a trip to the doctor and then surgery table is more and more evident in the near future.  Did I mention I HATE going to hospitals and especially being put under for surgery? Lets just say I had a terrible experience once.  


Well, despite all the highs and lows this past long weekend I had one incredible moment on Saturday night… My dear husband asked me to marry him again and I said… “Yes!!!”  Did I mention he did it on bent knee holding a gorgeous diamond solitaire to boot? Oh, it was so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at it. Not to mention romantic.  We got married nearing 16years ago. I was 19 he was 20. I worked in retail he was in the Navy. We didn’t have much money but we knew we loved each other and never wanted to be apart so we got married the best we could with what we had. At that time it was rings we found at the mall and Justice of the Peace.  Him in his uniform and me in a nicer than usual outfit.  No family to celebrate with us, we eloped.  Just the two of us, a friend, and the one that married us at their home by the beach in Virginia Beach, so at least a bit nicer than a court room. I never expected a fancy ring, or a wedding ceremony.  Now, here we are a different time, a different place, and I feel like when we first got married.  The fireworks, the love in our eyes, the sparkle on my finger and the dream wedding I’ve always wanted on the horizon. All of what has happened this weekend has reminded me that we have to take things into prospective.  Be happy when we should and scream it out loud if you want to.  Let go of what we can not change. Renew passions, enjoy what you do.  This weekend has helped me to refocus on what’s important to me. Which first and foremost will always be my family.  After that I am starting to remember how much I used to love to blog about me, tea, and what interests me most. I hope this feeling lingers for a long time.  I want to write, read, and drink as many cups of delicious tea as possible but not quickly.  I want to drink it slow and with contemplation.

  13 comments for “Ramblings of A Happy Woman

  1. amyoh
    10 Oct ’12 at 12:36 am

    oooh – Happy anniversary! And what a pretty ring that is!

  2. 10 Oct ’12 at 1:34 am

    Thank you @amyoh in advance. Just 3 more months until my 16yr anniversary, crazy how time flies.

  3. 10 Oct ’12 at 1:53 am

    Happy anniversary! Super excited for you and your husband too!!

    • 10 Oct ’12 at 12:21 pm

      Thank you 🙂

  4. 10 Oct ’12 at 3:20 am

    This was awesome and touching. And I can totally relate to the knee trouble stuff. I started developing osteophytes a few years ago. Glucosomine & Chondroitin were a godsend back then.

    Can’t relate to the ring stuff…but someone did offer me their onion rings once. They were delicious.

    • 10 Oct ’12 at 12:24 pm

      Yay the knee thing is really getting to be a bit difficult. I’m hoping a little rest will help but I’m sure it’s temporary. Still any relief is good. As for the ring it really is special. Now if you felt special when you got those onion rings, that is all that matters. 🙂

  5. 10 Oct ’12 at 4:11 am

    Rachel, what a lovely post. What a lovely ring. What a lovely pic of you both – I mean the first one, you skinny Minnie, you look fantastic! What a sweet daughter, and my are those pumpkins big.
    Just wonderful and heartwarming. Here’s to many, many more years of happiness for you all.

    • 10 Oct ’12 at 12:25 pm

      Thank you Jackie. I appreciate all the kind words. I honestly don’t believe anyone has called me “Skinny Minnie” in a long time. Although, I’m not there yet I do appreciate you saying it. 🙂

  6. 10 Oct ’12 at 2:40 pm

    An inspiring post. I haven’t experienced sheer happiness in a while, I should follow your advise.
    It’s a beautiful ring, congratulations!

    • 10 Oct ’12 at 5:14 pm

      Thank you so much @riccaicedo it has really been a long time for me too. I think sometimes to experience that “sheer” happiness we first have to experience real lows. It is unfortunate but without the lows how would we ever know the difference between real happiness and being just plain content. You will feel that happiness again soon. I know it is a rare feeling for me but I plan on keeping it around a lot longer this time. 🙂

  7. 10 Oct ’12 at 6:45 pm

    Wow, congratulations Rachel! What a wonderful story, and what a joyful post! So happy for you, and wishing you continued bliss!

    • 10 Oct ’12 at 7:21 pm

      Thank you @Katie it certainly has been amazing. 🙂

  8. 12 Oct ’12 at 10:22 pm

    mazel tov! congrats on the wgt loss, u look fabulous! nice rock too!

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