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Crazy WriterSo often I go from writing to hiatus to writing to just reading and now back to writing and reading all at the same time.  Right now I just feel like writing.  The only problem is I am not sure what I want to write about.  I know tea has been a topic of interest but even then I am not sure what aspect of tea I should write about next.  I have to admit I have enjoyed @thedevotea’s recent blog posts going into the history of his tea blends, maybe I should do that too?  However, I just don’t think I can make my stories as interesting.

Perhaps I can review tea? I haven’t reviewed a tea in a while.  Though there are quite a few reviewers out there already has as me wondering if can I really add value to the market?  I think it is best I leave regular reviewing to the professionals like @teaformeplease.

I know maybe I can write a story?  Something fictional where tea can be a super hero fighting crime against the soda pops and energy drinks of the world.  That sounds amazing but I can think of a better writer suited for such a project, Mr. @lazyliteratus himself.

I am between a rock and a hard place.  Or am I?  Perhaps I can go back to my roots and start-creating experiments like my Golden Monkey Infused Merlot and my Milk Oolong Infused Vodka?  Yes, I think that is brilliant.  Maybe I can even come up with a little post here about using tea in not so conventional ways?  I mean that is my niche right?

I have never been a conventional gal, so much so that even that in high school I shaved the back of my head because my head was to hot.  Could you image the looks I would have gotten had I been a cheerleader?  You know, that unconventional side of me has really helped guide me to places I may have never gone and I believe it to be a positive character trait.  Why not embrace my unique side?  It is that side of me that spawns my creativity and my desire to try new and exciting things.

For my next blog post I will share with a few of my favorite bath and beauty basics I most like to working with.

Thanks, for reading my nonsensical ramblings.   Oh and by the way I may change my mind entirely and just go ahead and tell you the history of my products, review a tea, or even write an epic fictional tale of when tea meets evil doer energy drink.  That’s the best part of having a unique blog, you can write about anything.

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