Review: Organic Irish Breakfast from EPI Tea

Thank you to EPI Tea for sending me several samples of teas to review.  I have decided to start with Irish Breakfast this morning.  The biggest reason is because it is still fairly early in the morning and who am I kidding, I could use a little wake up call.

Tea: Organic Irish Breakfast (Black Tea) – Pyramid Bag 

Steep Time: 4 min 30 secs

Water: 6 oz at 208F 

Review:  I found this tea to be rather smooth and well rounded.  Not at all strong and “in your face” as I have most often experienced with Irish Breakfast teas.   Still it has the appropriate amount of astringency.  I would recommend this particular tea as a gateway tea.  Start here and move up to more complex flavored Irish Breakfast teas. Since this tea is a perfect calmer representation Irish Breakfast tea, I would suggest all tea newbies try this.  The from here you can decide if you like it or not.  I am certain it will be enjoyable to the palette for those new or more experienced with tea.  For those who don’t prefer the stronger bolder versions of this tea will find this one will work for them and find you will still be able to accomplish that much needed early morning nudge to get you moving.  I find nothing at all offensive to the palette with this tea, meaning it is a very safe tea especially for those who are more sensitive in nature to overly flamboyant teas.  I personally have a fondness for stronger, richer, bolder teas.  However, I must admit on those days I just want something more soothing with a less obvious kick, this may be just what I’ve been looking for.

EPI Tea has not yet launched but you can see their blog in the link provided.

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