I Love My Job!

Back from a rather long trip visiting family in Maine and I am eager to start refocusing my energy back to iHeartTeas.  I have so much planned before the end of the year and want to share my excitement with you.

I have plans to add new products, that I am sure will get the attention they deserve.  I am currently in the process of testing those products which only reinforces just how much “I love My Job!”

Before I share what’s new I want to share my direction for iHeartTeas, other than tea of course.  I want to introduce iHeartTeas as a website offering unique products, most of which are limited in nature.  It is my intension to keep a small number of handcrafted teas on a permanent basis including select tea-inspired beauty products.  The remaining offerings would be made available in small quantities and once sold out, they are gone.  As a result, keeping my site stocked with new and exciting products always.  Just remember if you see something you like you had better jump on it.  If you don’t, you may miss your one time opportunity.

Some of the changes will include several opportunities to customize tea-inspired beauty products.  I will be offering relaxing “Spa Bath Salts”, “Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs”, “Perfume Oils”, “Bath Bombs”, “Lip Balms”, and so much more.  Many of these products will be prepared to order based on the fragrance you select.  Be careful when you make your choice, you wouldn’t want to smell like onions would you?  I will provide a wide range of options, thus making it fun and unique to you.  For select products you will be given the option to select up to three different fragrances.  If you want your bath to smell like Apple Pie, I would combine apple, vanilla, and cinnamon fragrances, yum!
Next, tea! I already have a selection of tea handcrafted by me. They are listed below…

1. Sweet Velvet Fog {Black Tea Blend}

2. Winter Frost {Black Tea Blend}

3. Creamy Pumpkin Spice {Black Tea Blend}

4. Raspberry & Apricot Delight {Green Tea Blend}

5. Strawberry Lemonade {Herbal & Rooibos Blend}

6. Strawberry Island {Black Tea Blend}

These teas have become a part of my permanent collection.  So many of you have been enjoying these far too much for me to retire any of them.  In the future I may add more to my handcrafted selection however for now this will be it.

*NEW – Tea Blends & Orthodox Teas

I have decided to add new teas that I have sourced for their unique qualities.  I am in the process of testing them all right now.  I will be releasing them soon, slowly, and on a limited, small available quantity basis so that I may find more gems to offer in the future.

*New – Tea Accessories and Wares

I’m so excited to announce that I will soon offer Yixing pots and cups on an EXTREMELY LIMITED basis. I also have a couple of other unique items but will only announce them once I have them listed.  Don’t want to give away all my secrets.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. Working on streamlining iHeartTeas and what I want is so much fun. Pretty soon I’ll even have a small panel of testers for my beauty products.  Once everything has been tested and tweaked as needed I’ll start to slowly roll out the new products.  I will even be coming out with my first newsletter with many of you already subscribed. If you are not yet it’s never too late.  Go over to iHeartTeas and head to the bottom right corner to sign up.
Lastly but never least, I just want to thank my amazing husband.  He is my behind the scenes supporter.  He has encouraged me to reach for the stars and is always there for me. I even need to thank my five year old daughter who now has been touched by tea her entire life, who helps me whenever she can. Breeding the next generation of tea drinker and lover.

It’s my goal to cultivate an affinity of tea and all tea-inspired products. Finding ways to incorporate tea in a multitude of ways thought out our daily lives.  That’s why “I Love My Job!”  That’s why I started iHeartTeas.

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