2nd Time Around at Dobrá (Portland, ME)

Let’s paint a picture. Two hour drive from Bangor, Maine to Portland with husband driving about 75 mph, me in the passenger seat. Hanging on with a few white knuckle moments. Mother in-law and five year old daughter in the back seat. I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks there.

First stop is Dobrá Tea in downtown Portland, Maine.  Originally I was to meet a friend there for tea and lunch.  His name is Chris, aka @VtKnitBoy on Twitter. He lives in Vermont and had planed to make the trek to Maine to visit me but fell ill and couldn’t make it. I was utterly devastated as was he.  It was the one and only plan I had made that was just for me. I’ll explain, my daughter is attached to me at the hip. If she could have that surgically happen she would. Husband was only for the weekend and that left me with his mother for two weeks.  Basically never a private moment.  I so wanted to meet with Chris over a cup of tea, some hummus, and baklava.  Unfortunately, this was just not meant to be this time around.  After all being a mother you do get a little used to plans changing.  As for Chris he is doing much better now, our plans to meet will just have to be rescheduled for the moment. There is always next time, right?
Back to the tea. What started as just an adult tea outing with those interested in such things ended up including my daughter and mother in-law.  My daughter loves tea but lacks patience, with her biggest challenge remaining stationary for more than ten seconds.  Not exactly the best way to enjoy a cup if you ask me.  My mother in-law prefers her Red Rose bag tea and Lipton bag teas so despite the large selection she decided not to order anything off the menu including the delectable treats and savory items.  Instead she sat quietly back with arms folded and minimal convention.  Not exactly the chit chat I was expecting whilst having a cup of delicious Shui Xian with my amazing husband with whom I shared the tea.
In addition to the tea I indulged in a buttery, flaky, honey soaked piece of Pistachio Baklava.

Since only I enjoy baklava there wasn’t any sharing going on, with the exception of one bite I gave to a curious little girl.
This was my second visit to Dobrá.  My first was in 2011 and it was once again not the ideal visit. At my first visit I didn’t even have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a relaxed cup. This time I not only enjoy a delicious cup of Shui Xian oolong     I also had a “to-go” Wulong Bubble Tea and enjoyed a little of my daughters Vanilla Black Tea and even dessert.  My second visit was far more enjoyable than my first.  Reminds me to always give things a second chance.  Would have loved to enjoyed Chris’s company but I suppose that will just have to be on my third visit.
Oh and if you are wondering, “Yes, I bought some tea” not as much as I did on my first visit.  I purchased Sheng and Shou Puerh and a couple ounces of Bi Luo Chun.
Perhaps my next visit will go according to plan.  I should have checked with the Tarot Card Reader that had there but then where would the mystery be?

Highlights, all of our tea was prepared in traditional fashion.  All pots and cups were Yixing and warms prior to pouring.  If you need something a little bell is provided. This way you can have your cup and drift off into contemplation without interruption.  The tea room is beautifully decorated in Moroccan style.   Even has a private room with low tables and cushions for sitting on the floor.

  As much as I wanted to sit in that room I was concerned about standing up when it was time to leave.  The place is dimly lite to help set the mood, they have beaded curtains and gorgeous lantern lights hanging from the ceiling.

Dobrá has a huge selection of teas and a nice menu of editable items.
If you are in Portland, Maine I suggest you stop in for a visit.  They have free parking in the back but you are limited to an hour so make the most of your visit while you can or park on the street if you can find a space.

  7 comments for “2nd Time Around at Dobrá (Portland, ME)

  1. happygaiwan
    19 Jul ’12 at 5:27 pm

    I was in Portland not that long ago, I wish I’d known there was a tea house!

  2. 19 Jul ’12 at 6:18 pm

    Nice write up here! Thanks so much and sorry to have missed you personally as we follow each other on twitter.
    Parking for customers can go over the one hour limit, many stay for 2-3, but on a busy weekend day in cooler months that might be less possible with the rushes we get in the tearoom.
    We appreciate your visiting and next time hope to meet you in person!

    Ellen, Owner

    • 19 Jul ’12 at 6:28 pm

      Thank you @ELlen! Great to know about the parking. Will make sure to remember that on my next visit. As for Twitter I know I follow you but it doesn’t appear as if you follow me, no pressure just an observation. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m coming in the future so we can officially meet. 🙂

  3. 19 Jul ’12 at 7:58 pm

    You should have accidentally left your mother in law behind there.
    Although it wouldn’t be fair on them.

  4. 19 Jul ’12 at 8:13 pm

    Sounds like it was still a fun time had, even without “communi-tea” folk present and accounted for. You’re, like, the fourth person who’s talked about Dobra. I’m keen on trying things from there someday soon.

  5. 22 Jul ’12 at 2:48 pm

    Such a nice post to read while sipping tea myself. Love all the pics. What an amazing looking place. We don’t have anything like this here. I
    ‘m glad your second visit was more enjoyable than the first even without @vtknitboy . My ears pricked up when I read your daughter was drinking vanilla tea! I would have included a pot of that on a visit too. That and a nice oolong. And a piece of cake. Although I’m not a fan of baklava. So it’d be a a dessert for the vanilla, and hummus for the oolong. Sounds like I’d enjoy spending a while there.

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