Return To World Tea Expo 2013: The Sequel – Bigger & Better

Picture Provided by the World Tea Expo site
Picture Provided by the World Tea Expo Website, Thank You

It has been brought to my attention that this year the World Tea Expo will be uniquely special to me both personally and professionally. There will be some especially amazing tea people attending this year, aside from me of course. I will have the pleasure of meeting so many of my social network friends this year that it has made me just plain giddy.

I’ll have to pleasure of seeing @Jopj again and if you are attending this year and never met her before I highly suggest it. She is super sweet, a Tea Trader of course, and incredibly knowledgable. If you didn’t already know she is a terrific children’s tea book writer. My now six year old daughter has been a fan of hers for two years now. She is even pictured on my friend Jo Johnson’s website.

Don’t be jealous, I even get to meet the infamous @thedevotea and his lovely wife Lady Devotea, which I can only assume has the virtue of a saint. He too is a Tea Trader and has some rather amazing teas too. Check them here: The Devotea

If I remember correctly I’ll get to see my friend @AmazonV again too. It’s not my first time meeting her but it will be my first time at the Expo. She is such a fun person everyone should make a point to meet. She also has a great tea blog. Check out her work here: AmazonV

Just a warning, I am maybe gushing when I meet the talented @lazyliteratus. He is an incrediably gifted writer and all around nice guy. You can check out his tea blog here… Lazy Literatus and judge for yourself.

Lastly, I will have the honor of meeting Michael Coffey, the Tea Geek himself. He is brilliant and can answer even the toughest and most obscure of tea questions. You can count on his accuracy and if he can’t answer your question immediately he will find out. I plan on bringing a list of questions for when I see him.

I am sure there are many more attending that I am unaware of but as for now these are my tea friends I am most eager to meet. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

Not only am I excited about meeting my tea friends live and in person I am also most intrigued with the new shared venue. This year World Tea Expo will be sharing space with the Healthy Beverage Expo.
I think the combination will be beneficial to both Expo’s. I am full of curiosity and enthusiasm especially when two somewhat similar yet different worlds collide. Often times those in the healthy drink industry cross paths with the tea industry and visa versa. Exposure to both sides should prove beneficial to both industries. Having both equally compatible venue in one place has the potential to build new relationships and more opportunity to learn. For me the two Expo’s marry perfectly. I love my cup of tea but lets be honest, it isn’t the only drink I consume. Shocking, I know. In actuality I probably consume 90% tea and 10% other healthy beverages on a daily basis. Although, I know I am not the norm. I imagine for most the percentages would be closer to 50/50. I am not a pop drinker but I do enjoy coconut water, coffee, unique drinks like Kombucha, but only rarely. I even occasionally like vegetable juices. With that said, I can only suspect that we will see a higher turn out with a lot more fresh and exciting products and information available to view. I will be sure to share with you my impressions once I arrive in Las Vegas. This will be my second visit and can’t wait for the festivities.

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