Pre-Tea Fast Jitters

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Pre-Tea Fast Jitters
2 Days Prior to Tea Fast

Oh my gosh! What was I thinking? The big day is just around the corner. In preparation for my fast I have been enjoying some of my finer teas that I have been saving for a special occasion.

~ Note to self – Stop saving teas no matter how rare, costly, or special. There is no time like the present so enjoy them while you can.~

I am trying hard to get my game face on but the reality of time is sneaking up on me. I know I can do this but I fear the only reason I will give in to temptation is missing the flavors and routine of my regular teas I have now been drinking for years.

Sure I am a little jumpy right now. Perhaps even more as I have just finished a rather large pot of Puerh. I probably should not have done that. Perhaps the proper and more responsible course of action is to slow my consumption before the big day. Let me be perfectly honest I have never been that good at making the rational choices. I follow my heart more often than my brain. If I had used my brain I probably would never had even concocted this ridiculous notion of “quitting tea for a week!”

On that note I need to make a list of teas I want to be sure I drink before the fast and then a second list of teas I want to drink as soon as the fast is over. Perhaps I should consider a little tea shopping during my fast so I can having something to look forward to post fast.

Wish me luck!

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