My Cup Has Runneth Dry

Tea Challenge


My Cup Has Runneth Dry
Tea Free For A Week – Challenge
Starting 3/11/2013 

As promised this will be epic, seven days free of tea.

I am a certified tea addict.  I have in all respects replaced water and nearly every other beverage with tea everyday for more then a decade.  There hasn’t been a single day I haven’t had at least a cup of tea or a bottle of my favorite “ready to drink” tea.  I don’t know what life would be like without tea. I decided I had to know.

I vow to stop drinking tea for a week.  It’s an experiment to see how my body goes through withdrawal.  I need to see if I am more physically or emotionally addicted.  What happens when you quit tea “cold turkey?”  Especially using a test subject that has been technically drinking tea all her life.

I will write a new post everyday covering my “ups” and downs”. I suspect it will prove interesting reading.  Plus, I’ll include some of my crazy tweets and other silly things I may say or be doing.  I have a feeling this will be a challenging journey for me.  I promise not to leave out the nitty gritty.  I can’t promise what I write will be coherent but I’ll do my best.  Please don’t judge me poorly.

Make no mistake this will be tough, a true test of will power.  I am weak when it comes to tea.  I don’t easily become addicted to things, I just don’t have that type of personality so when I do it is something that will no doubt be incredibly difficult to break.  I will not cheat and if I do I will come clean.

I’ll need your support, I want to see this through.  I think it will be a great lesson in will power and will help me better understand just the level of addiction I am facing.  The sheer impact of withdrawal both mentally and physically will be eye opening.  I need to know just how dependent my body is to tea.

I will start this journey next Monday. Until then I need to work up the courage to prepare myself for the challenge.   Please send me motivational comments, tweets, anything that will help me get through this.  I know some of you are just as if not more addicted to tea than I am.  You know I will need all the help and encouragement I can get.

I hope this post was worth the wait and lives up to the definition of  “EPIC!”

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