Tea Essential: Steep & Chill from The Tea Spot

First, thank you “The Tea Spot” for allowing me the opportunity to test and officially become addicted to the Steep & Chill.
Steep & Chill

Initial Use: I followed the directions as stated on the packaging.

Features: As listed on The Tea Spot website
Borosilicate glass iced tea pitcher
Large volume loose leaf infuser
Solid ice tube freezer core
Dishwasher safe
Makes 1 quart (32 oz) iced tea

Solid Ice Tube Freezer Core: I used the core only once to test it. It works well and does keep the tea cool for extended period of time without being in the refrigerator. I only used it once because I tend not to keep the tea out and just a grab a glass from the refrigerator as wanted. However, I think this Spring and Summer I may try to use the ice core more frequently.

Tea Infuser
How It Works:
1. Fill the pitcher to the marked line.
(I did this only on the initial use but do not personally feel it is necessary. I prefer to fill the pitcher higher for a higher yield. You can “cold brew” the tea or use hot water to steep the tea leaves. I prefer the “cold brew” method but the “hot” method works well too.  I have added a link to “My Cold Brew Method” Blog Post above to give you an example of what I am referring it to when I say “cold brew”.  You can apply a similar method using this pitcher.

2. Place tea into the large volume loose leaf tea infuser.

3. Screw the tea infuser onto the cover.

4. Put the cover with attached tea infuser onto the pitcher.

5. Place the pitcher into the refrigerator.
(If you steeped the leaves using hot water be sure to remove the tea infuser once sufficient time has passed then place the pitcher into the refrigerator to cool. If you use the “cold brew” method leave the infuser attached and place the entire pitcher into the refrigerator.)

6. Remove the tea infuser prior to placing the pitcher into the refrigerator if using the “hot” brew method.

(If you use the “cold brew” method leave the tea infuser attached and allow the tea to steep in the refrigerator until you have reached desired strength and flavor.  Remove the tea infuser and enjoy.)

7. Drink and enjoy the tea once you have achieved desired temperature, strength, and flavor.
Tea InfuserSteep and Chill


Excellent Quality
Easy To Use
Easy To Clean
Consistent Results
Cost Effective – Made to last using quality materials
Doesn’t dilute your iced tea
Great for entertaining
Keeps the iced tea cool while sitting out

Cannot be used with finer teas like rooibos, some Sencha’s and Gyokuro’s.
Doesn’t make an exceptionally larger pitcher of iced tea if you follow the directions on the packaging. I broke the rules and found it much more functional for me.

Clearly, the “Pro’s” outweigh the “Con’s.” I found the pure simplicity, ease of use, and consistent steeping results makes this an essential addition to your tea accessory arsenal.

Share you experiences and please leave a comment.

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Steep and Chill

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