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Matcha Bliss Balls by Nutriholist

It’s #MatchaMonday which for me equals to any excuse to drink and eat matcha. I absolutely love how versatile matcha can be. My favorite way is the traditional method. Water and matcha combined well and easily adjusted to the strength I prefer. I have always been a traditionalist by heart with a flare for experimentation. Matcha also makes for a great… Read more →

Tea Swag From Teaprints

*Image taken from Teaprints Website   Like most fanatics, be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, or Harry Potter there is a huge subculture out there for those us often obsessed. Though all of the above aforementioned are also obsessions of mine nothing quite meets with the same level as tea. That is saying a lot because I really… Read more →

Tea Infused Chocolate from David’s Tea

Over the course of two evenings I sampled two out of three of the tea infused chocolate candy bars David’s Tea has to offer. The first night I indulged in the Cardamom French Toast Milk Chocolate Bar paired with the very same tea. The next evening I devoured the Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar and paired it with a coconut… Read more →

Tea Infuser Mug From American Tea Room

It has been a very Merry Christmas for me already. I was fortunate and thankful to receive a wonderful gift from Tony Gebely of American Tea Room. He asked me to try out this cool new tea infuser mug and I jumped at the opportunity. I am always on the look out for new tea accessories.  Some main features I look for… Read more →

Pre-Tea Fast Jitters

Pre-Tea Fast Jitters 2 Days Prior to Tea Fast Oh my gosh! What was I thinking? The big day is just around the corner. In preparation for my fast I have been enjoying some of my finer teas that I have been saving for a special occasion. ~ Note to self – Stop saving teas no matter how rare, costly,… Read more →

My Cup Has Runneth Dry

  My Cup Has Runneth Dry Tea Free For A Week – Challenge Starting 3/11/2013  As promised this will be epic, seven days free of tea. I am a certified tea addict.  I have in all respects replaced water and nearly every other beverage with tea everyday for more then a decade.  There hasn’t been a single day I haven’t… Read more →

Tea Retailer? or Tea Blogger? Why Not Both?

Tea Retailer? or Tea Blogger? Why Not Both? Recently, I have been faced with this very question and as it appears many still operate in absolutes. I never thought of myself as one or the other. I’m a complicated person plus a woman and you know we can do it all. So what I want is acceptance that grey areas… Read more →

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