Tea Infused Chocolate from David’s Tea

Davids Tea ChocolateOver the course of two evenings I sampled two out of three of the tea infused chocolate candy bars David’s Tea has to offer. The first night I indulged in the Cardamom French Toast Milk Chocolate Bar paired with the very same tea. The next evening I devoured the Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar and paired it with a coconut and honeybush milk tea. I do however look forward to pairing it with a Puerh in the future. The Hot Chocolate candy bar is made with Puerh so it would be the obvious choice.

Davids Tea Cardamom French Toast

Cardamom French Toast Milk Chocolate Bar & Cardamom French Toast Black Tea Blend Pairing Notes

Cardamom French Toast Milk Chocolate Bar: The chocolate quality is without a doubt excellent. I would define the chocolate as rich, flavorful, and of high quality. However, I would have preferred a stronger tea flavor. Although I was able to taste the additional spices in the chocolate I didn’t find the black tea base all that prominent. Overall the chocolate is delicious and perhaps in the end that is all that matters. My only criticism is I didn’t feel it contained enough black tea flavor. Note this chocolate bar contains the exact ingredients you would find in the actual tea blend ground semi-fine and blended into the chocolate bar.

Cardamom French Toast Black Tea Blend: Hands down I love it. It has a delicious creaminess I enjoy. Plus the cardamom and cinnamon are perfectly balanced. The blend already contains cane and coconut sugars so no additional sweetener is required. I drank my cup black but I can imagine a touch of milk would be complimentary.  This is one of those cozy, wrap yourself up in warm blanket and grab a good book type of teas. I truly intend to keep this one my cupboard regularly. Plus it is perfect along side its chocolaty counterpart. A great way to finish the day.

Davids Tea Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar: Again the quality of the chocolate is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, the execution on this recipe was just not working for me. The bits of real tea found in the bar were a bit too large for me. I was disappointed that I didn’t taste the tea at all. However, I did catch the aroma when I opened the packaging.

Between the two I tried I preferred the Cardamom French Toast over the Hot Chocolate. More because of how flavorful it was in comparison. Overall both chocolate bars are undeniably delicious. However, being critical of the “tea infused” aspect I cannot say either hit the mark. Though they both contained actual tea I would like to have had the actual chocolate to have been “infused” with the steeped tea along with the ground bits of tea in the bar. Perhaps during the chocolate making processed each tea could have been steeped to withdraw actual tea into the hot chocolate mixture. I am not sure during which part of the process this could have been done but I can only assume there would have been a stronger tea flavor present if it had been done. Of course it is entirely possible it was already made this way in which case maybe extending the process would have left a slightly strong flavor.

At the end of the day I am sure anyone trying these chocolate bars will find himself or herself highly satisfied. However, I am still on the quest to find the perfect balance of tea and chocolate in one. Let the journey continue.

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