Tea Retailer? or Tea Blogger? Why Not Both?

What Am I?
Tea Retailer? or Tea Blogger? Why Not Both?

Recently, I have been faced with this very question and as it appears many still operate in absolutes. I never thought of myself as one or the other. I’m a complicated person plus a woman and you know we can do it all. So what I want is acceptance that grey areas exist and so acknowledged. Though I’ve noticed sometimes these grey areas are over looked. The thought is you are either a “retailer” or a “blogger” and if you are a “retailer” you must only blog about your business so you can’t be a real “blogger.” Seems the thought of being “both” is almost alien to some. I do see it as a fine line and only few pioneers have mastered this tightrope walk. I’ve decided to take up the challenge and when my mind is made it WILL happen.

As I am sure many have noticed I prefer not to work within the confines of absolutes. Perhaps this is what evolution looks like? So bloggers will be retailors and visa versa. Taking the time to look more closely at the individual. Wouldn’t it be in everyones best interest to expand our understanding of a person or so many wonderful opportunities may slip right through our fingers.

The more pressing question is who I see myself to be.

Fact: YES!!! I do sell my very own tea blends and a plethora of other tea-inspired bath and beauty products, though I am just a “wee tea bud” right now. Found Here: iHeartTeas & iHeartTeas on Etsy

Fact: YES!!! I am a blogger and I have been doing that a lot longer than selling any products with great success. Found Here: iHeartTeas:The Blog

~Oh, boy I feel a classic @thedevotea style rant coming on or maybe that is how I started this post. Please forgive me now.~

Fact: I sell because I want to write! For that I need money. Lets face it money makes the world go round. I love to make my products because it is fun, helps me relax, and most of all funds my blogging hobby while keeping me home. Well, that and my husbands paycheck. Who am I kidding, mostly my husbands paycheck. Thanks, hubby!

~Kind of think I should be drinking a cup of tea and bathing in my tea baths right now. Instead having this mini-rant.~

Do I want to make money too? Well, duh!!! Of course I want to make money. Again, so I can stay at home, drink tea, be a mother to my child, a wife to my husband, and again… WRITE. For many the goal of a business is to make money and never stop making more and more and I get that. For me the goal of my business is to make enough money so I can write and try to take some of the financial burden off my husband.

So if anyone asks me what I am I will proudly say…”BOTH!” I love being an online retailer, tea and creating is in my blood, but I’m a blogger first.

Spoiler Alert:
Announcement For Those Who Made It Through My Mini-Rant…
iHeartTeas:The Tea Recipes

I am planning compiling some tea recipes I have created over the years and publishing them. Yes, that’s right a tea recipe book iHeartTeas style. The recipes will be made using teas from a variety of tea vendors and not just my own blends. Let me know if you would like me to create a recipe using tea from your company.

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