On A Bubble Tea Mission


Today I received my first ever bag of Tapioca Pearls (a.k.a. Boba) from Amazon. I am so very excited. It is my first time ever trying to make Bubble Tea at home. I have always gone to the mall and picked up a nice cool glass of either Milk Bubble Tea or a combination of Milk and Coconut Bubble Tea. Of course they ask always ask if I want to tapioca added and my answer is always a gleeful “Yes, please!”

Now to the mission. I need some recipes. Yes, I can “Google it” but what I am looking for is recipes that have been tested and successful from you guys, my tea friends. Can you help me make my first Bubble Tea at home?

Perhaps, who ever sends me the best (uncomplicated please) recipe that I just simply adore can be featured on my blog here on Tea Trade. I’ll publish the recipe and just gush about how amazing you are for discovering and sharing the recipe with me. So in other words… Sweet, sweet bragging rights.

Alright let’s get those submissions in, I’m dying to make some Bubble Tea.

Now all I need are those “fat” straws. Wouldn’t be the same without them.

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8 Responses

  1. My eldest son Lucas – usually described as the non-tea one – made some milk tea here a few days back that was superb.
    A simple Assam GFOP brewed strong. strain, add an equal quantity of milk. Then keep adding sweetened condensed milk until it reached the usual level of sweetness.
    Chill. (the tea, I’m not telling you to relax)
    Add the pearls.

  2. Jackie says:

    I’ve never had bubble tea, so I’m afraid I’m no help at all. @thedevotea, I’m glad Lucas is getting into tea, through the backdoor so to speak. We can work on him. He’s still got time. I don’t remember when you started drinking tea? Were you sipping at his age already too? I should probably make that a forum question sometime.

  3. Xavier says:

    Bubble tea? I really have to find more about this (I know I said that once).

  4. Thanks @thedevotea I will try that recipe. Just need to pick up some condensed milk. I’ll report back with the results over the next few days.

  5. lahikmajoe says:

    For me, the best of Bubble Tea is those Tapioca balls you’ve already got.When I’ve drunk it, I can’t tell if there’s any actual tea in there. Though I don’t have a recipe, I’d go for the least sweetened option.Am curious what responses you get here. I might try making my own as a result.At least then I’d be sure there was real tea in there.

  6. I agree. Once, the place I normally visit for Bubble Teas was out of Tapioca Pearls. I decided to get some tea anyway and it basically felt like a tea flavored smoothie. Not exactly what I was hoping for. The little pearls really make or break the drink. I also don’t like it heavily sweetened and I think just as soon as I am back to health I will make a glass using the recipe @thedevotea provided here with a small amount of sugar and I will report back.

  7. Janefan says:

    I don’t like the bubble texture, but I had milk tea with matcha jelly (basically tiny cubes of fairly firm matcha-flavored gelatin) and that was awesome. Are the pearls you bought dried? It seems like they would need to soak in the liquid for some time before they get squishy and slurpable…?

    • What you’re talking about sounds pretty good too. As for the pearls I have…Yes, they are dry. I would need to boil them between 5 to 7 mins and allow them to cool before using them. Unfortunately, I am still not well enough to try them. If I did I would risk not enjoying them because of being sick and I certainly don’t want to do that. 🙂

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