Fashionably Late To The Gaiwan Party?

As many of you know I just purchased two new Gaiwans.  I already had one but it was small and the material it is made of  a bit thin causing me to burn my fingers more than I’d prefer.   I actually stopped using my Gaiwan mostly because it was a bit cumbersome for me.  I am the type of person that must see tea making as more of a calming process.  If the process becomes complicated, daunting, or just flat out annoying I usually just go back to the methods I am most comfortable with.

Recently, I have been seeing Gaiwan’s used more and more.  Plus, I see more Gaiwans available for purchase in retail stores and online.  All of the sudden I see them popping up everywhere.  It is this reason I had decided to find out, “why all the rage?”  Maybe I am missing out on something?  Clearly, the way I went about using my little 2-sided Gaiwan, flowers on one side, writing on the other was probably wrong.  How could it be so many enjoy using  theirs and not me.  So rather than blaming  myself, I decided perhaps it was the Gaiwan.  Good old fashioned blame someone or something else. (I know it was me)

There I was back in the market to purchase new tea ware.  Imagine my excitement. I love buying new tea ware.  Heck, I love buying anything tea.  Clearly I am a fanatic with slight obsessive compulsiveness towards tea.  I am sure none of you could relate. Tea-he.

I purchase the ones you see here.  One has a dragon pattern and the other a crane.  These are larger than my original one and the material it is made from is much thicker and clearly sturdier.  I feel with these I can make a good cup of tea.  Best part… I don’t burn my fingers.

Anyway, I know I am just blathering on about how cool my new tea ware is and I know your jealous, perfectly understandable but I promise there is a purpose to my back story.

I now understand why people love their Gaiwans… They produce amazing results!  The teas I have tried so far are a Ben Shan and a Milk Oolong.  Both of these I enjoy making in my traditional fashion and would have never complained about the flavor.  After preparing it in my new pieces I feel like I am experiencing these teas in a new light.  I can’t believe these could taste better than the best.  I am not certain what magic these Gaiwans possess and I am certain I don’t care.  Although, I am almost certain it has something  to do with the shorter infusions.

I promise you from now on I will be frequently including the use of Gaiwans when preparing teas.  I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Plus, when you start working on your technique you will find a way that best works for you.  You will no longer burn your fingers and experience little to no spilling.  I can’t wait to invest in some more accouterments for the complete Kung Fu experience and report back.

Two thumbs ups for Gaiwans, I’m just sorry I was so late to the party.  Fashionably late I hope.

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