Top 5 “Can’t Miss” Booths @WorldTeaExpo 2013

Top 5 “Can’t Miss” Booths at World Tea Expo – Las Vegas 2013

I have listed here the top five booths I will be making a point to visit this year. The list below is based on my own personal preferences only. I am not advertising for any company, nor as any company approached me to do so. Besides visiting booths I highly recommend taking classes and sitting in on a lecture or two. The experience is very educational and I am certain you will come away with applicable knowledge, great experiences, and new friends.

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Top 5 “Can’t Miss” Booths

1. ITO EN (Booth 814) – I absolutely adore ITO EN’s “ready to drink” teas. I have one in hand most every day, usually Oi Ocha Dark or a Sencha Shot which I first had at last years expo. I have come to notice ITO EN does its best to remain cutting edge and works hard to keep their product as pure and as high quality as possible. Last year ITO EN showcased many new and unique tea beverages. I am hoping they do the same again this year and who knows perhaps I’ll find a new favorite. Try some while you are there and you can judge for yourself.

2. Teas Etc. (Booth 600) – Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Beth Johnston the owner of Teas Etc. I found her kind and extremely knowledgeable. She has a keen insight into starting up and running a successful tea business, she also really knows her tea. I will be making it point to stop and say “Hi” and ever better try to make it to one of her lectures, I suggest you do the same.

3. The Tea Spot (Booth 711) – What I like best able this company is their commitment to customer service. The Tea Spot also offers some very unique products such as the “Tuffy Tea Steeper,” and the “Steep & Go.” I like knowing that when I stop by their booth I will be exposed to some rather amazing teas and interesting new tea gadgets. Can’t wait to see what new and exciting products they have this year. Plus, I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Young, Customer Service Representative for The Tea Spot at last years expo thanks to Chris Giddings recommendation. She has personal experience using their product plus expert knowledge of their tea and gadgets. I hope to see her again this year.

4. Zojirushi America Corporation (Booth 501)– A staple in my house is a Zojirushi brand water boiler. Every year they come out with new water boiling technology and I must see what’s new this year. I have been most intrigued with their line of hybrid water heaters but can’t wait to see what other new products they have come out with this year as well.

5. Vintage TeaWorks (Booth 716) – This will be my first time officially being exposed to Vintage TeaWorks and I couldn’t be more excited. I have heard nothing be amazing things about this company and their unique wine-inspired teas. With all the great word of mouth Vintage TeaWorks has been getting I had to add them to my list of “Can’t Miss” booths. The only problem is I am not sure if I should bring my teacup or my wine glass.

Please share with me your experiences especially if stop by the booths I have listed above. Can’t wait to see you there!

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