Tea-Fast: Day 7 – The End Is Here!

Tea-Fast Day 7

Tea-Fast: Day 7 – The End Is Here!

Events From: 3/17/2013 (St. Patrick’s Day)

Documented: 3/18/2013


The Journey

The seconds tick by slowly.

My friends and family members try to annoy me.

Out of love they say

Jolly games they play

Tealeaves and brew you show me

Angst fills my heart, my mind, my cup but I will not show thee

Rebirth, strength, and confidence fill me

Their teasing only fuels me

Now minutes tick by without a second goodbye

Tea shall always be by my side

As a friend not a foe

No day will I ever go

Hours fly by, my friends tempt me with lies

Drink they say, you have nothing to prove

I throw fuel to the fire; their temptations make me go higher.

Push myself to end

One week it has been

Believe in they did or maybe did not

I know I will make it

Tea will not take me with it

Those around me support me

Without fail they tease me

Send good thoughts and good feelings

I see it was love, it always had been

They may not know but torture and teasing and good will only propels me

My future was sealed by those all around me

Your own personal form of support got me through this

Whether it be torture, a good word, or a comment or two

Thank you all as tomorrow will be true

The one-week tea-fast is over

The future nevermore


I don’t know why but a poem seemed to be the perfect way to describe these seven days.  I even made to midnight without a sip.  I want make my first cup a special one that can be savored.   Peacefully drunk whilst looking out the window at the falling snow.  I am surprised I didn’t just dive in at first opportunity.  I feel good, I feel happy, and I am certainly thrilled to have all of you supporting me all the way.


Forgive my writing, as I haven’t written a poem since high school.  Please no one take offense with anything in my poem.  Those who know me should know my sarcastic nature.  Everything I said was out of love and I felt supported 100% of the time.


Special Thanks To: (I hope I didn’t forget anyone)

Jo, Jackie, Robert, Nicole (TeaForMePlease), Tea Moment, Ricardo, Xavier, Katrina, Lu Ann, Courtney, Melody, Nicole (AmazonV), Amy, Crystal, Linda, Eric, Cynthia, Verity, Chris, Cody, Michelle, Vivek, Tozy Tea, Hilda, ChouchouThes, William, Ripping Yarns, Sara, Sip Tea, Teaconomics, Robyn, Jennifer F, Cody G, James, Michael C & the Sunday Tea Salon, and everyone else routing for me silently.  I love you guys!  If I forgot anyone I am really sorry.  Please don’t be upset with me.  I am just working on my first cup while writing this.


Most of all I’d like to offer extra special thanks to my husband Ralph and daughter Alexandria for putting up with me during this past week.   Your patience and efforts have not gone unnoticed. 

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