Tea-Fast: Day 6 – Gettin’ Antsy!!!

Tea-Fast Day 6

Tea-Fast: Day 6 – Gettin’ Antsy!!!

Events From: 3/16/13

Documented: 3/17/13

Once I made the realization that my hypotheses was totally wrong.  It’s great to know I am not as physically dependent to tea as I once suspected and feared I may have been.  Problem is now I am excited and what better way to celebrate than with a cup of delicious tea?  Fraking heck!!! That’s right I still have to wait until Monday.  The clock is ticking so slowly and so many images of tea dancing in my head.

I now know that I don’t need to drink tea because I can’t help myself.  Then why can’t I have a cup now?  I know why…because then it may prove I am addicted.  The least I can do is get through today and celebrate a hard fought victory tomorrow.

So instead of dwelling on what I can’t have at this moment I have been mentally planning how I can celebrate on Monday.

  1. Vow NEVER to make such crazy plans to quit tea for no other purpose than sheer curiosity.
  2. What will be my first tea?  Currently, I am contemplating Sweet Velvet Fog. It is a creamy sweet comfort tea that I feel will help me ease back into tea.  Don’t want to shock my system with a Two Tigers or something.  Although that Two Tigers does sounds delicious, perhaps later. 🙂

The sheer level of excitement I am feeling right now has me so jubilant with anticipation that I may burst.  Now I haven’t bought any more tea and I may not.  As stated before I already have enough to serve a small country.  Though yesterday during my trip to the bookstore I did notice Tazo brand Chai Concentrate for what I thought was reasonably priced for a Tazo/Starbucks product at $4.95 for the box and purchased it.  My curiosity got the best or me or perhaps excitement for Monday.

Special Thanks to @Jopj for sending all these wonderfully fun messages on Google+ everyday.  They were so encouraging.

The tea-fast ends tomorrow!

  5 comments for “Tea-Fast: Day 6 – Gettin’ Antsy!!!

  1. 18 Mar ’13 at 12:10 am

    Trying to decide between two comments:
    Two Tigers, What an excellent choice, Clearly you are a person of taste and refinement
    Tazo Chai CONCENTRATE? Have you gone even more nuts? You are the worst person ever. Did you borrow your tastebuds from a hobo?

  2. 18 Mar ’13 at 1:13 am

    @thedevotea Did you borrow your manners from a hobo? Cut the girl some slack. She’s going cold turkey right now, how do you expect her to make perfect decisions?

  3. 18 Mar ’13 at 2:00 am

    Yes, I do, @jackie , after she was seen applying matcha lip balm.

  4. 18 Mar ’13 at 2:40 am

    Can’t help wondering how @thedevotea and I will amuse ourselves once you’re back onto tea. I suppose we’ll have to think of something.

  5. 18 Mar ’13 at 8:51 pm

    “I now know that I don’t need to drink tea because I can’t help myself. Then why can’t I have a cup now? I know why…because then it may prove I am addicted.”

    It looks like you are trapped in a infernal circle.

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