Tea-Fast Day 5: Rise of the Phoenix

Tea-Fast: Day 5 - Rise of the Phoenix

Tea-Fast Day 5: Rise of the Phoenix

(Thanks for helping to provide the perfect description @Xavier)

Events from: 3/15/2013

Documented: 3/16/2013

I feel a sense of clarity now that I have completed five days going on six without tea.  I did give into the temptation by way of tisanes and herbals but only a few times, though it isn’t tea so I do forgive myself.  It seems what I was missing was the ritual of tea.  It is the act of taking time to enjoy a hot cup whilst reading, working, anything really that I missed the most.  After realizing that, I had a renewed sense of conviction and confidence.  I can do it!  No matter what the naysayers say.  I can make it to the finish line.


It is exciting to know that what I was addicted to this whole time wasn’t the tea itself but the ritual.  I admit having a hot beverage was very satisfying as I sat there in contemplation over this what seemed pointless tea-fast.   What I know now is that the fast was not pointless.  It is almost a spiritual journey even I didn’t know I was on.   Fasting put into perspective what it I desired most.   As @Xavier put it best, I am like the “Phoenix rising from the ashes and reborn.”


I can’t believe I am saying this but I am glad I decided to fast.  If you had asked me earlier, I would have said that I made a terrible mistake, that this adventure was pointless.  Seriously, why did I give up tea if even for a day unless I had no other choice?  Now, I am a brand new woman.  I am reborn and realizing that tea is more a part of my life now than ever and will always be.  I now not only enjoy the leaf but see more clearly how much I also enjoy the ritual, the conversation, the variety, tea friends and community.  I have a new peace about my passion and a clearer understanding.


Today I learned I am NOT addicted to tea.  I am NOT A SLAVE to tea.  Tea is my welcomed companion along for the journey by my side.

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