Why Tea-Fasting Can Be Good For Business

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Why Tea-Fasting Can Be Good For Business

In case your wondering if tea fasting can be good for business?  Absolutely, but only in the case where the tea faster is so incredibly obsessed with tea that not a moment passes when he/she can wait for their tea-fast to be over.  Of course I am referring to an anonymous person. Tea-He! 🙂

Here are a few reasons why.  The desire to want, drink, and shop for tea will only grow exponentially.  If I used myself as an example I’d say with all the teas I already have in my personal stash plus those I blend for @iHeartTeas it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase new tea.  I even recently went through a cleansing process as I was in possession of so many teas that had either gone past their prime or not exactly a favorite.  Yet, I kept them for no real purpose other than to have “just in case.”  I can’t even tell you just many I threw away after the purge.  I don’t think you would believe me, even if I told you.  Let me also mention that even after the purge I still have A LOT of tea in my possession.  What’s left are the cream of the crop, all good teas, stored well and ready for consumption post tea-fast.

Now to the point, why can a “tea-fast” be good for business?  Simply being without tea for now going on five days has reverted me back to my more novice tea drinking days.  Those days where I wanted to try everything I could get my hands on.  I did frequent tea swaps, made purchases, got involved in “traveling tea boxes,” you name it I did it all for the love of tea.  I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed emercing myself into the world of loose leaf tea.  Finding others just like me and enjoying this new found love were just a few of the things I love most about my passion.  Many years later and five days into this fast I feel young again.  A rebirth of my passion for tea.  It is a wonderfully euphoric experience getting back to my younger exuberant feelings of curiosity and desire to indulge in all things tea.  It’s so refreshing but tough on the wallet (hubby’s wallet.)

I had mentioned at the beginning of my tea-fast that I would start a list of those teas I would want to purchase when I finished my week long abstanance.  I have gone much further than that and that is why tea-fasting can be good for business, even my business.

See below for evidence of just that…

Recent Orders:

Upton Tea Imports: 

Item Price Qty. Total
TB14T 125g tin:
Scottish Breakfast Blend
$7.60 $7.60
TB20 125g packet:
River Shannon Breakfast Blend
$5.60 $5.60
TB22S 10g sample:
Turkish Style Blend
$1.00 $1.00
TD75S 12g sample:
Glenburn Estate FTGFOP1 Cl First Flush (DJ-4)
$5.50 $5.50
ZK58S 10g sample:
Black Tie-Guan-Yin
$2.00 $2.00
ZK75S 10g sample:
Sweet Honey Black Tea Organic
$3.00Only 9 left!  $3.00


18932385 Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush
$8.99 x 2
288 Raspberry Cream Black Tea
$8.99 x 1


Verdant Tea

Your Shopping Cart
Item Description Quantity Total
Golden Fleece

  • Amount: 2 oz.
  • Product Code: 3312
1 $29.00 ($29.00 each)
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green

  • Amount: 1 oz.
  • Product Code: 85
  • Category: GREEN
1 $6.95 ($6.95 each)
Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong

  • Amount: 1 oz.
  • Product Code: 5982
1 $9.25 ($9.25 each)
Laoshan Black

  • Amount: 2 oz.
  • Product Code: 210
  • Category: BLACK
1 $14.00 ($14.00 each)
Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea

  • Amount: 1 oz.
  • Product Code: 5885
1 $8.50 ($8.50 each)
Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black

  • Amount: 1 oz.
  • Product Code: 5873
1 $15.75 ($15.75 each)
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha

  • Amount: 2 oz.
  • Product Code: 6424
1 $9.95 ($9.95 each)
Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew

  • Amount: 1 oz.
  • Product Code: 3232
  • Category: ALCHEMY
1 $6.75 ($6.75 each)

By the way, I am not done yet either. 😉 Don’t tell hubby! Plus don’t think I won’t be indulging in my favorite iHeartTeas blends. 

Updated: I didn’t want to sound self-promotional so I did leave out which teas I was most excited about drinking from my own personal blends and how business has been since my fast.  However, since I was asked to embellish on this very things I shall provide you with just  that.

iHeartTeas Blends I’ll Enjoy The Most Post Tea-Fast:

I Dream of Milk & Coconut {Oolong Blend]

Strawberry and Rhubarb {Oolong Blend}

Strawberry Island

Winter Frost

Sweet Velvet Fog























How the tea-fast has effected business for iHeartTeas

I really thought business would take a virtual hit this week. Instead I think my iHeartTeas supporters have come out in force supporting my quest with kind words of encourage and purchases on both my sites iHeartTeas and iHeartTeas on Etsy. Goes to show being tea free can even boost the bottom-line. I have the best customers. 🙂

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