Tea-Fast Day 2: Mood Swings

Day 2: Mood Swings
Tea-Fast Day 2: Mood Swings
Events From: 3/12/13
Documented: 3/13/13

First and most importantly I am still hanging in there. I am starting to wonder if this fast was really a good decision. I am finding myself frustrated. I want to reach for a cup and I am reminded I can’t. My drink choices are dull and tasteless. I am limited since I am also a Diabetic so you can say good-bye to juices and other sugary drinks. I’ll be honest, I miss tea and I miss it a lot.

Earlier in the afternoon I found myself screaming in the car ride home for a cup of tea. I didn’t and I am trying hard not to but I believe me I do want a cup.

The good news is that I am not experiencing any caffeine withdrawal symptoms like headaches. I was certain that would happen. As for any physical symptoms I do not have any, at least not yet.

Emotionally, I have my moments. I am moody and annoyed at the world very easily. I read posts and see tweets of others drinking that wonderful nectar and I grow envious. I want to peruse websites for new tea purchases and it only make the temptation worse.

Warning: You may find me sending out more angry or emotional tweets. Please forgive me in advance, as I am not myself.

P.S. @thedevotea @jackie @teapages @jopj I love your constant teasing. It actually encourages me to continue. Don’t worry I know you are teasing me out of love. I also want to thank Linda Howell, Crystal Rodriguez, Nicole Martin, Riccardo Caicedo, Jen Piccotti, and all my Steepster friends such as @Azzrian plus so many more for all of your words of encouragement.

Word of advice…don’t do this unless you have too. Sort of feels like senseless torture.

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