Tea-Fast: Day 3 – Almost Halfway

Tea-Fast: Day 3

Tea-Fast: Day 3 – Almost Halfway
Events from: 3/13/13
Documented: 3/14/13

Journey Thus Far:

I am thrilled I have nearly made it past the halfway point. However, I am starting to question my resolve. Why, did I do this? Sometimes I can be so impetuous, I believe this to be a positive and sometimes negative character trait. In other words a “blessing and a curse.” In the case of this tea-fast I am leaning towards curse. The only real major reason I started this fast was to see if I could do it. Lets say I make it the whole week, what do I get, just the mere satisfaction of personal accomplishment? Bragging rights? To what end is this really an accomplishment. As lists of accomplishments go, I would rate higher such things like “proud mother,” “devoted wife,” “successful business woman,” any of which I would be satisfied if adorned on my future tombstone or mentioned in my obituary. Last of all will be the mention that it was I that fasted without tea for a week. I mean, who really cares? I imagine this to be a forgotten quest in the near future. Why shouldn’t I just have another cup of tea now? I can only think of a few competitive reasons but none that are truly of any real value or measure. Sure I want Robert (@thedevotea) to know I did it. To rub in my success with a boisterous laugh and pshaw that would bring me satisfaction but for how long? Isn’t it an empty victory? In fact it was I that was deprived of my desires? It isn’t as if I would walk about with a medal of accomplishment around my neck or a trophy on my mantel. I even wouldn’t mind showing Jackie (@Jackie) that it can be done and if anyone were going to do it, it would be me. In fact I look forward to her silly comments teasing me. They give me much needed fuel to pursue this quest. Mostly, I feel I have to succeed because of the daily support I’ve been getting from Jo (@Jopj) on Google+ and that of the other folks like @Xavier and those I have already mentioned in my last post. This misguided venture has turned into something more than me. It may not be about tea anymore. This is now for all my supportive friends out there. Yes, even for those who tease me out of love.

Physical & Psychological Withdrawal:

I am still not experiencing anything I would normally expect to experience coming off of caffeine especially “cold turkey.” I have only occasionally had pop at negligible amounts and enjoy only one decaffeinated coffee every morning. Years ago before my commitment to tea I drank regular coffee and pop a lot more, unhealthy amounts. This was many years ago in my teens and early twenties. When I decided to stop, frankly because my body couldn’t handle it anymore I noticed a lot more symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. Such as headaches, irritability, fatigue, etc. Currently, it appears irritability is my main symptom and it is only getting worse. I have often in hindsight heard what appears as me starting a fight with my husband. Annoyed more easily by the little things. I so appreciate him handling this so well. As far as the scientific side of things, it appears detoxing from tea is a completely different experience than that of other caffeinated beverages.

Likely Hood of Success: 50/50 – I really just WANT A CUP OF TEA!!!

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