New Favorites at World Tea Expo 2013

Wow, what an amazing time the World Tea Expo has been thus far.  I am having the best time visiting friends while discovering new and interesting tea companies, and products.  Based on what I have seen so far I can say with confidence that there is still so much more tea has to offer the world.

Within this post I will give you a brief overview on what I found most unique at the show.  Later in subsequent posts I will include more specific information on tea products and companies I feel are worth keeping an eye on.


“TeaPops” by DeeBee’s Organic Frozen TreatsAwarded Best New Product by the 2013 World Tea Expo!

First and foremost I absolutely adore the versatility of tea.   The perfect example of a company that offers a unique product that I just loved is “TeaPops.”  “TeaPops” is a frozen treat that provides a healthier and natural practically guilt-free option to sugary dessert treats.  The product is geared towards children; and appropriately so, but truly appeals to people of all ages.  They make wonderful frozen tea treats just not yet available in the United States but coming soon.  The reason why I enjoyed this product is because the tea flavor was clearly apparent.   The product is natural and tastes natural which to me is what it is all about.  I sampled their “Classic Iced Tea” flavor though options were available I really just wanted to try something more basic and I am glad I did.  Being a diabetic that needs to watch her sugar consumption while still trying to avoid artificial sugar, this particular product is a great option for me as an occasional treat plus it has tea.  In a future post I will discuss more specifics of the product.  I highly recommend trying this product if given the opportunity.  It should not be missed.

ItoEn Latte

TEAS’ TEA Lattes
 By ITO EN – Open Class Winner

I would drink this everyday.  I enjoyed both the black and green tea lattes from Ito En.  They tasted fresh, natural, without any syrupy or artificial flavors.  If I had to pick one over the other I think I enjoyed the Black Tea Latte more only because I felt the Matcha Tea Latte was a bit sweeter than I prefer, still very delicious.  They have yet to be released.  I am certain when they are released they will be yet another hit for an already favorite “ready to drink” line for me.

The TeaSpot

 The TeaSpot

I was lucky to sample this tea at the World Tea Expo Lounge prior to a conference and was intrigued at the idea of this tea.  I need to do a little more research but from what I have gathered it is cold infused in 10mins making for a quick cup.  I tried their “Keep Fit” Cold Infusion green tea and found the tea flavor natural and balanced with the their incorporation of green rooibos and lemon myrtle.  The best part is that it comes unsweetened giving you the choice on what you would like to do.  One of my biggest issues is the addition of other additives to tea that don’t need to be there as an essential component of the product.  Tea is such an easy product to add sweetener or other additives.  I prefer the decision be left to the preparer.  Exactly, what The TeaSpot has done with this new and innovative way to make tea that more convenient.

This is just a preview to so much more.  Now I need to get back to the show so I have more to report back later.

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