With 99% Accuracy

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After much probing and the stubborn attitude of the inhabitant within me we have an answer with 99% accuracy.

It’s a BOY!!!

It is official I have will now have one of each and that is all I have ever wanted or needed.

Next up is the name. 7 years ago we decided if we had a boy we would name him Ethan, we had a girl. So we thought it best to move forward and pick up where we left off and name this little guy Ethan. Here is where it gets a bit tricky. We need a new middle name. At one time we decided on Apollo but since then I decided it wasn’t right, though the hubby still likes it. We however would like a name we both adore.

After searching Indian names for boys I felt there just wasn’t anything I could really relate to. So it dawned on me, why not a name related to tea? At that point I knew it had to be “Assam.” Hubby likes it too so it has to work right? As I thought about it some more I was worried about people mispronouncing it. Look at the spelling and you can just see the potential for error. After some research it was discovered that the original name of that vary region was in fact “Asom” and it was the British that called it “Assam” because apparently it was easier to say.

Now we need to decide if we like it. I was hoping you could help with your opinions or other Indian tea names that would fit for a boy. I’d love to hear your thoughts and believe me all help is wanted and appreciated.

What do you think?
Ethan Asom Carter

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