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Keeping up with iHeartTeas

Keeping Up With iHeartTeas As most of you already know I have a lot going on right now.  You would think being pregnant was enough for someone’s to-do list but as it turns out I just can’t stop myself from doing more.  I will highlight a few things that have been going on.  A brief explanation of what I have… Read more →

“Blank” Really Grinds My Gears

As many of your know I am currently pregnant, in my third trimester, and only 10 or less weeks away from giving birth to my second child. I am having a son and my first was a daughter, in other-words… “I’m done!” Of course I was planning on being done anyway. Nevertheless, this was a very special and unexpected surprise.… Read more →

With 99% Accuracy

After much probing and the stubborn attitude of the inhabitant within me we have an answer with 99% accuracy. It’s a BOY!!! It is official I have will now have one of each and that is all I have ever wanted or needed. Next up is the name. 7 years ago we decided if we had a boy we would… Read more →

What Will It Be? (Non-Tea Post)

Today I had my last doctors appointment before heading out to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo next week.  Today was like any typical appointment.  Doctor checked on my blood sugar levels to make sure things were still under control.  Lucky for me things are looking good and I will not have to adjust my insulin, I do despise… Read more →

Now Serving #2

Now Serving #2 (A Near Tea-Free Post)   I am not sure how else to say this but… “I’m Pregnant!”  We have kept this information secret long enough and want to share with all of our friends online this amazing news. Many of you may not know this but our now six-year-old daughter was conceived through in-vitro-fertilization or in other… Read more →

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