“Blank” Really Grinds My Gears

As many of your know I am currently pregnant, in my third trimester, and only 10 or less weeks away from giving birth to my second child. I am having a son and my first was a daughter, in other-words… “I’m done!” Of course I was planning on being done anyway. Nevertheless, this was a very special and unexpected surprise. Seeing as the first was conceived through IVF we never expected a second the old fashioned way especially six years later. As a matter of fact we decided to scrap the idea of even trying back in January, opted to get a dog and then just like magic in February we conceive naturally and happened to find out on March third, the very same day as my husbands birthday. Basically, this is a Valentine’s Day baby we found out about on my husbands birthday that will be born roughly at Halloween, if not Halloween with an original due date that falls on Indian New Year. Lets just say we will never forget the important dates.
Angry Pregnant Lady
So here is what is “grinding my gears.” Other than the occasional and unexpected belly grab, the odd and rude comments. I have been rather upset with a few uncalled for and unnecessary rude comments from a particular family member. I won’t be specific as to who that person is but I will say I am usually a forgiving person but for whatever reason I just haven’t been able to let things go this time and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

This person asked for the one millionth time what the middle name for our son was going to be. So as always we answered. Then we were asked how to spell the name, so we complied. We pronounced it again as well so there was no confusion. His name is to be Ethan “Asom” Carter which is pronounced “Assam,” by the way this is where the tea reference comes in, in case anyone was wondering when I would tie that in. So anyway here is where it goes horribly wrong. This person starts to laugh at our name choice and makes reference to “Osama” boldly telling us that his middle name sounds just like the terrorist we all know, “Osama Bin Ladin.” I can’t believe I had to correct them but my blood was boiling and still is. So the question is why don’t people know when to shut their mouths and keep such ridiculous commentary to themselves? This isn’t the only thing that has happened since the pregnancy, there have been other unforgivable statements but this was the last straw for me. I don’t have any problem with anybody that names their child “Osama” where my problem lies is when this person was makes direct reference to a terrorist and stating to us that we were giving him that sounds just like it. I for one don’t hear the similarities but I will say this person on numerous occasions has made it their business to get my blood boiling for what can only be described as a “high risk” pregnancy.

Sorry, but this mama just needed to vent.

How would you feel if this happened to you?

Or is this all just hormones?

Also, we have set up a fund for little Baby Ethan to help with costs related to needs and medical expenses.  We are essentially starting from scratch since we never expected to have another child and gave away majority his the baby supplies from our first child.  We have so many online friends and family scattered across the globe that have expressed interest in wanting to do a little something to help.  If you are interested you can send money to…


Thank you to those who have already contributed.  No pressure just simply a suggestion as cash is always better so we can purchase what we need and when.  I am also sending “Thank you” cards handmade by me with a photo of Baby Ethan once born.

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