Help Us Raise Funds For Baby Ethan

Friends, it has been a rough couple of days for the Carter Household. Seems there was misunderstandings around a baby shower I thought was happening for Baby Ethan. My family is trying hard but it appears it just isn’t going to be financially affordable without our financial help. Though normally I would be fine with that I started looking at my finances and it appears my “baby brain” caused me to forget some very up and coming expenses that cannot be avoided.

I don’t like being a burden on anyone and I rarely ask for anything so rather than having an old-fashioned baby shower my husband and I decided to swallow our pride and ask for help. We have started a “GoFundMe” fundraiser to help start a fund for Baby Ethan and the things I need for him. Plus, I have accrued more medical bills than I realized during this pregnancy. I just figured it couldn’t be that bad since I didn’t have IVF like I did with my daughter. Turns out “high risk” is “high risk” and that means expenses. I know I am asking a lot and it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility but ours but with the limited time I have left before this baby comes I am just now realizing time is running out.

Any help would be appreciated. Only help if you can. We will be forever grateful and we will make sure Ethan hears the stores of all of our tea friends coming together to help us out.

At the very least, I’d love to send you one of my handmade “thank you” cards to all that can contribute in anyway. I know it isn’t much but it does come from the heart.

It takes us great courage to ask and if it were for us we wouldn’t ask but this is truly to make sure we get what is needed for our little miracle, Baby Ethan Asom Carter.
Baby Ethan

Special thanks to Nicole of @teaformeplease for making the first donation. It truly brought a tear to my eye.

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