Changes – This Time It’s Personal

Changes On The Horizon

This Time It’s Personal

I just can’t believe how fast the time is flying.  I am so close to entering my third trimester.  Not a moment goes by that this little boy doesn’t like to punch or kick me.  Same thing happened with my first child but with this one, his movements have more purpose.  He lets me know if he wants to me to move, turn, or adjust.  Basically this child has already made me his puppet.  We have also decided on his name.  It will be in fact, “Ethan Asom Carter” as many know “Asom” is the original name of  “Assam” tea growing region of India prior to the change the British made during their rule.

Diapers As for the baby, I just got a rude awaking during an impromptu visit to Babies R’ Us, where I started my registry, also did one on Amazon and found out that infants go through 8 to 10 diapers a day.   I don’t remember that at all the first time around.  In my defense the first time around was over six years ago, plus I am suffering from major “baby brain.”  For example, I forgot my cellphone at home a few times and almost left my wallet in my sister’s car.  I am usually attached to such things so it is hard for me to image forgetting them.  I am also starting to feel the approach of the “nesting’” phase, just wish I could get past being so tired all of the time.  Lucky for me, I had enough energy to go through my daughter’s closet, as the two kids will be sharing a room in the beginning.

Well, that is enough baby talk for now. We all know how much a change that will be but the details really won’t become apparent until after he is born.  All I know is, “bring money” I am going to need a lot to get ready for his arrival.


Yay, vacation is coming soon.  I have decided no major decisions unless necessary or any other projects until after we get back.  We are headed for the last vacation as a family of three to sunny California.  After arriving in San Francisco we are on our way to Napa Valley where we will enjoy the pleasures of relaxation and a slower pace.  I am most excited about riding the “Wine Train.”  Yes, there will be wine and for me either none or a spittoon by my side.  The trip was planned prior to my pregnancy and we decided we wouldn’t make a change, as there is more to do than just drink.   We are probably going to take the opportunity to visit local wineries for potential wedding locations.   The mister asked me to remarry him and we decided we would renew our vows in Napa Valley.  Most likely, the wedding will not happen for another four years when we celebrate our 20-year anniversary.  It is hard to believe it is only 4 years away.   We spend a week in Napa and then we head back to San Francisco for 4 days.  We purchased the “CityPass” so we could use all the public transportation we want plus included we get take a Bay Area Cruise, head to the Science Museum, the Exploratorium, and the Aquarium on the Bay.  The “CityPass” was such a great deal, and I am glad the concierge at the hotel we are staying at recommended it to us.


Next, up our new furniture should finally be arriving from Ethan Allen this Saturday, take two.  This past Saturday they showed up and said they had no furniture to deliver and only an order to pick up our old sofa.  Like a hostage situation I told the delivery people, “you don’t get my old stuff until you delivery my new stuff.”  They backed off apologized and then I got a phone call today to reschedule for next Saturday.


I know there is a ton more I can talk about like our visit to the movies where we watched Despicable Me 2 or even the new clothes I bought for baby Ethan.

Oh wait; I suppose you may want to hear about those tea samples I picked up from Tealet.  I grabbed three from their recent selection of teas for an upcoming auction.  One of which was a Japanese Black Tea.  It was amazing, full of body, smooth, and will a lot of character.  Plus, the samples arrived quickly and were very generous.  I highly recommend grabbing some.  It was delicious!

There I added my bit about tea!

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