My Recent Shenanigans!

My Recent Shenanigans!

Not sure what is happening.  All of the sudden I have the urge to create more than I can make.  I want to make new bath bombs, facial masks, solid shampoo bars, and hair conditioner.  Of course new drink concoctions too.  Not exactly new tea blends but new drink recipes for the blends I already have.  Some cold-steeped teas with infusions like strawberries and mint.  Then of course lattes made from some of my richer black teas.

I have been on such a creative, from scratch, natural when possible, green if I can, kick lately that I have decided to embrace it and run.  Starting to think it is my version of the third trimester “nesting phase.”

Nevertheless, my tireless and creative mind can be a benefit to you too, right?  Here is what I have been up to lately.  As stated my, “recent shenanigans!”

— 1st Beer Bread —

It had to be done. I woke up in the morning and decided there had to be bread and I wanted to be sure I was the one that made it.  Simple ingredients means I can read and understand everything in the bread.  No long scientific words for me. The results were yummy.  By the way I used a dark lager as the beer base for this recipe.

Beer Bread

— 2nd DIY Natural Clay Face Mask —

Like many people I am on the search for the perfect combination of natural facial treatments easily done in the comfort of your own home without spending outrageous sums of money at the spa.  I am in search of the perfectly even toned complexion of my dreams. If not that get as close as I can.  Though don’t misunderstand the spa is a great occasional retreat.  In the meantime I want to create something you can easily include into your skin care regiment that is natural so you don’t feel guilty about what you are putting on your skin.  Of course this product would have to show results as well.  Today I tried this mask and for which I created a blend of skin cleansing ingredients.  The results even astonished me.  What is even more exciting is my six year old daughter told me I looked younger and my husband actually noticed my face looked better and smoother to the touch. Yay! I’d call that a victory.  You can expect to see this on just as soon as I preform a few more tests.

Clay Mask Collage

— 3rd Crochet…Again! —

Ok I have tried my hand at crochet before.  However, I became frustrated and gave it up.  Recently my interest sparked again and I decided to pick up the “hook” as it were.  After watching several video’s on Craftsy I finally started to get the hang of it and made more than just a boring chain of yarn.  I have two functional cozies now.  The one below I gave to my daughter to store some crayons she’d like to take with her on short trips and another that I use occasionally for my iPhone.  My plan is to one day learn enough to make tea coasters, cozies, and more.

Phone Cozy

— 4th Bath Bomb Time —

I have been delaying the inevitable with making these beauties.  The problem with bath bombs is not that they are hard to make in terms of ingredients but rather just how precise you have to be.  To dry they don’t hold together, too wet and they prematurely fizz.  If that wasn’t hard enough your recipe is never the same twice so really all you can do is a have a basic recipe and only experience can guide you the rest of the way to making the perfect bath bomb.  Many people don’t realize the climate fluctuations impact results so you have to be rather cautious when creating.  I was motivated into making these because my daughter had been asking me to make them for a long while. I am glad I did because it seems I still have the knack for it.  I just need to figure out the best way to ship them so I can make them available for purchase.  I would love to add tea to these.  The experimenting would be so much fun and ultra mad scientist.

Pistachio Macaron Bath Bomb

— 5th Fresh Strawberry Infused Oolong —

Wow, I am starting to realize my daughter is truly an inspiration for what I do and create more than I had realized.  She loves tea and loves strawberries so she asked me if I could make a drink with strawberries.  I have been making fruit infused sparkling drinks but decided why not “kick it up a notch” and try adding fresh strawberries to my flavored oolong blend.  I have a great blend that stands up well on it’s own but with the infusion of strawberries only enhances it’s thirst quenching properties.  I used my Strawberry & Rhubarb Oolong blend , cold-steeped it and then added fresh strawberries to make this lovely drink.

Strawberry and Rhubarb infused with Fresh Strawberries

— 6th Peppermint Lemon Herb Infused Green Tea Soap —

Again, I am going for natural, vegan when I can, and the least processed as possible solutions for skin care.  I am applying this to every aspect of my life slowly and so far things are looking great.  For example, I have already seen a difference with managing my diabetes during my pregnancy.  Normally I have a tendency to run rampant as is the same for most pregnant mothers with diabetes.  However, with my recent lifestyle choices I have never been in such control of the diabetes as I am now.  I feel the recent changes to eat cleaner and greener is making a difference.  I believe if the same is applied to skin care I am sure to see better, healthier looking skin.  With this natural cold-process soap I used real green tea, peppermint, lemon myrtle, and lemongrass infused in coconut oil.  I then added olive oil and moisturizing Shea butter to make the bar much more nourishing and full of luxurious lather.  I used no artificial colors or fragrances at all in the making of this bar.  I won’t know of my success for yet another few weeks but I have high hopes thus far.

1,001 Night Cold Process Soap

Well, that’s all folks.  I am sure I’ll be up to more “Shenanigan’s” soon.

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