Giggles, Fun, and Moonlight Tea

Ancient Moonlight White Tea Bud Bar - Before

Giggles, Fun, and Moonlight Tea

It all started on a moonlight night, a “blue” moon to be exact. Surrounding by those equally passionate about tea we sat before the glow of our computers and shared the same tea whilst conversing about our impressions of liquor we found ourselves drinking though often we found ourselves lost in hilarity especially by the hand of our tea friend Geoffrey or as many of you may know him as @LazyLiteratus. With his double-digit infusions and technical issues we could see the tea was putting him in rather rare form. Fortunately, we were guided back to our main focus for the night by no other than Darlene of @TeaArchives with her help and diligence we achieved the perfect balance of tea and random conversation. Thank you, Darlene!

Lets go back a step. Last week I joined Nicole of @teaformeplease, Jo of @jopj, Geoffrey of @LazyLiteratus, and Darlene of @TeaArchives. This was our second gathering of sorts. During these sessions we had preselect a tea to taste and review as a group, we call ourselves the “Tandem Tea Tasters.” During this session we sampled the Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar from Wild Tea Qi. I was thrilled to try this as it has been on my list for some time now. If it wasn’t for the lovely Nicole of @teaformeplease I may still be waiting to try this tea. Thank you Nicole!

We all used Gaiwan’s as our method of preparation and while some had more infusions I had less. I stopped at four as the flavor was starting to become lost and dryer to me. I have to say the second infusion was my favorite but even then I often find the subtly of white tea to be lost on my pallet. Nothing personal “Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar.” I know this tea to be a favorite for many and I have been told the deliberate subtly of the flavor found in this tea is what gives it, its appeal. I can see this as an option so those who wish to slow things way down as this tea would make for a wonderful contemplative tea but alas it is not for me. The creamy notes were the highlight and surprise for me. Though as soon as it was detected it disappeared into oblivion.

Ancient Moonlight White Bud Bar - After

Throughout the evening laughs were had, good times to be remembered, and all over a cup of tea with those all over this country. Doesn’t get any better than that. Well, I suppose there is one way it could be better. Actually physically sitting around the same table, in the same place, and at the same time.

We will be having another “Tandem Tea Tasting” session via Google+ Hangout soon. If you are interested in joining please contact me via Tea Trade. Send me a message @iHeartTeas with any questions you may have. We would love to have you. Just remember there is a ten person maximum so please let me know as soon as possible of your interest.

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