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From Paris with JE T’AIME (Love)

THEODER – Paris Thank you so much Xavier @Teaconomics for sending two wonderful samples of tea straight from France for our Tandem Tea Tasting Google+ Hangout.  Currently, I am enjoying the wonderfully calming music on THEODER’s site as I write this, making this that much more pleasant.  Before I get started with my review I also wanted to thank Jackie… Read more →

Tea Drinking “Wonka” Style

Tea Drinking “Wonka” Style The whole experience was like being thrown down the rabbit hole not knowing what would happen.  Among the great taste, there was giggling, random conversation, the word chocolate thrown around like confetti at a party.  Silliness ensued but I am certain this would have happened anyway.  However, as memory recalls there was more than the usual… Read more →

Fu Man Chu Time – Tandem Tea Tasting #2

What happens when you combine friends, the Internet, a late night, and a tea made of the most unique combination? Luckily, for me I got to find out just what these combinations of ingredients really make. First, let me start with my friends. I am of course referring to the Tandem Tea Tasting Group we started on Google+. This is… Read more →

Giggles, Fun, and Moonlight Tea

Giggles, Fun, and Moonlight Tea It all started on a moonlight night, a “blue” moon to be exact. Surrounding by those equally passionate about tea we sat before the glow of our computers and shared the same tea whilst conversing about our impressions of liquor we found ourselves drinking though often we found ourselves lost in hilarity especially by the… Read more →

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