Tea Drinking “Wonka” Style

Tea Drinking “Wonka” Style

Alex Drinking Tea Brick

The whole experience was like being thrown down the rabbit hole not knowing what would happen.  Among the great taste, there was giggling, random conversation, the word chocolate thrown around like confetti at a party.  Silliness ensued but I am certain this would have happened anyway.  However, as memory recalls there was more than the usual amounts of giddiness.  Anytime that happens, I am assured the tea will be memorable.  For what are those moments with tea and good friends than encapsulated moments of joy and laughter.  Like memories extracted by Gandolf himself and his magic wand, preserved for later recall.   Each of these precious tea moments live within my mind and in my blog.  Though, I must admit my mind may be romanticizing it a bit more than my blog will describe.  In other words I will always look back at this hangout with fondness and it was all thanks to Geoff aka @LazyLiteratus

Tea: Compressed Black Tea in Brick Form wrapped in gold foil – NOT Puerh

Procured From: The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants

Can Also Be Found At: Yunnan Sourcing 

Feng Qing Black Tea Mini Bricks

Tea BrickTea BrickTea Brick

Steep: My Preference is a long steep at 208ºF about 3 mins and move up with each steep.

The best part about the tea is that it truly does have a chocolaty feel to it.  As any self-respecting woman I have a soft spot for chocolate but even softer spot when there is a tea that tastes like chocolate, which to me, means in no guilt!

WooHoo!!! Can it get any better than that?  I most definitely have to put this tea on the “buy” list.

 WooHoo Homer Pic Tea

Bottom-line –> RUN, don’t stop and pick yourself up some of this “Willy Wonka” Style tea.  When this arrived I knew I found the “Golden Ticket.”

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