A French Tandem Tea Tasting

I am keeping this short and sweet as this wasn’t my cup of tea.  Not because the tea itself was flawed in anyway at all but rather it isn’t for my palette.   The tea I am referring to is a Turkish inspired green tea blend called Thé Du Hammam which was graciously provided by the lovely Jo Johnson @jopj which she purchased from Palais des Thés.  It is my understanding it is very popular and I can imagine why.  If there ever was a tea you would imagine was of French character this is it.  It is floral, slightly sweet, and perfume-like.  While sipping and conversing it dawned on me that this tea would make a wonderful addition to a chocolate truffle recipe.

THÉ DU HAMMAM green tea

the-du-hammam tea pic

The tea brought on a lot of wonderful conversation as always.  I even had the chance to introduce my newly born baby boy Ethan Asom Carter.  He played well with group but I think that is only true because I promised him tea later.  Not only did we talk about tea but life as well.  The two of which are closely intertwined for me.   I am always grateful to have so many wonderful friends both near and far, especially to have tea with.

Ethan Asom Carter


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