Spicy Black Matcha Cocoa Recipe

Spicy Black Matcha Cocoa

I know I promised two recipes but since I haven’t finalized the recipe using alcohol I decided I couldn’t hold off on sharing this incredibly delicious cocoa recipe. Before sharing the recipe let me share with you the flavor profile of this amazing black matcha.

Pure Matcha Black Matcha

Pure Matcha – Black Matcha Flavor Profile
• lovely rich depth of flavor
• obvious earthy feel
• hint of natural chocolate notes

The black matcha that I used in this recipe is from a Pure Matcha which I picked up from Amazon.com. I am so glad I decided to try it. Honestly, you could enjoy this all on its own but of course I had to find an unconventional use for those days you need an extra special treat. When working with the matcha my only suggestion is you sift the matcha powder very well to avoid clumps. You do need to work with a little but it so worth it.

1 tsp – Black Matcha Powder from Pure Matcha
1 tbsp – Unsweetened Cocoa Powder from Trader Joes
2 tsp – Sugar (Adjust to taste)
¼ tsp – Cayenne Pepper (Adjust to taste)
¼ tsp – Cinnamon Powder (Adjust to taste)
6 oz – Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk from Trader Joes
Dash of Kosher Salt
Whipped Cream (Optional)
Gold Edible Glitter Stars (Optional)


Sift Matcha into a small bowl that you will be using to enjoy your finished beverage. Be sure to do your best to sift through the matcha thus avoiding clumps. Next, add in all dry ingredients the cocoa powder, sugar, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and salt. Mix them all together until well combined. Heat the almond milk on the stove, in the microwave, or using the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother like I did. I love using my frother, it’s quick and easy and always at the right temperature. It is an investment but well worth it. Using the heated milk add a very small amount into the dry ingredients mixing as you go. Once all the ingredients have blended into the milk evenly pour in the remaining milk and mix. I use my hand held milk frother for this part but I am sure a spoon would work just fine. Once you are all done and everything looks well combined add the whipped cream and edible gold stars. Enjoy!

Assuming everything turned out perfectly. You should be tasting a sweet and spicy earthy hot cocoa. It is very rich and comforting on a cold day. You may find some adjustments are needed to the ingredients based on your taste preferences. It’s my hope that this will either be perfect from the start or only require a few adjustments to meet your liking. In the end I am hopefully it will put a smile on your face.

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