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How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea

How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea Author: Kate Hosford Illustrated by: Gabi Swiakowska Today I am lucky enough to have received an advance copy of a children’s book I’m sure you’ll love as much as I did. “How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea,” is an adorable book with a deeper meaning than what you… Read more →

Interest “Pique”-d

English Breakfast Tea Crystals With Mother’s Day just behind us my dear family was kind enough to treat me with a few tokens of appreciation. It should come to no surprise that tea was among them items. I for one have had so many different types of tea that the only way to “Pique” my interest these days is to… Read more →

Daily Routine

This morning I woke up with a bang. My FitBit Charge HR says I slept alright though I wish I had less “restless” time. Better than most nights though since I got in almost 8 hours which is something I try to do. Sleep is so important and can be over looked for its value. I will not make that… Read more →

Spicy Black Matcha Cocoa Recipe

I know I promised two recipes but since I haven’t finalized the recipe using alcohol I decided I couldn’t hold off on sharing this incredibly delicious cocoa recipe. Before sharing the recipe let me share with you the flavor profile of this amazing black matcha. Pure Matcha – Black Matcha Flavor Profile • lovely rich depth of flavor • obvious earthy feel •… Read more →

My Magisso White Teacup

My first impression when I unboxed this teacup was just how large it was. I didn’t expect to be as large as it was. Of course, I did not pay any attention to the dimensions that I am certain were clearly stated on Amazon’s site. Nevertheless, once I got over the initial shock, I decided to give my new teacup… Read more →

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