Winter Weather Tea Forecast

A quick summary of the day so far…

Yay! – My sweet daughter Alexandria turns 8 years old today
Boo! – Coldest day of the year so far
Yay! – Kids are back to school
Boo! – Furnace is on the fritz
Yay! – Repair crew hopefully arriving soon

It has been a day of ups and downs. As always I will find the bright side and move forward. Today the cold has inspired me to find tea that will warm me from the inside out. I find myself wrapped up in a blanket, TV on, and the space heater continuously running while I ponder what tea I should have next.
Weather Forecast
Cold Weather Recommendations:
Tea The
Tea Thé – Aveda Comforting Tea
This is an herbal blend. Organic and caffeine free. I find it very soothing and relaxing. Truly warms me from the inside out. I am a fan of licorice and peppermint which may be why I enjoy this one so much.
River Shannon
River Shannon Breakfast Blend – Upton Tea Imports

A delicious black tea blend of Assam and Ceylon. Very brisk and great for a warming wake up call. I enjoy it a bit stronger than called for and find it’s a marvelous punch to the palette.

MatchaCeremonial Matcha – Do Matcha

I absolutely love their matcha. Always delicious and flavorful. Makes a lovely sweet and vegetal cup. Sip slowly and try to experience all the individual nuisances. When it is this cold out I make a creamy (full of guilt) matcha latte. I don’t hold back on the cream. I have a post I wrote sometime back on how I make my matcha latte. Click here for the recipe. You can substitute for any matcha powder you prefer and just this time I used all cream and no milk.

It is forecasted to be very cold this week. I hope to experience some new teas while I hunker down. I’ll report back with anything worth a mention. I’m open to recommendations and suggestions on some of your favorite winter time favorites. In the meantime stay warm friends and…
Happy Birthday Alex!

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