The Day My World Turned To Ice

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Day two and we are barely surviving these frigid temperatures. Each year it feels as if it is getting worse or perhaps the older I get the less tolerant I become. Yesterday schools were closed and I spent the day cleaning, organizing, and packing away Christmas decorations. Five hours later it was all gone and the house looked amazing. The second half of the day involved a very fun play date for my oldest. So much fun plus the mom is fun too so I guess we all had a play date.   Lastly, I finished off the night “hanging” out on Google+ with some tea friends I haven’t seen in a long time.

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Part 1:

 Epic Morning Cleaning Session – So much tea and coffee involved. It started with my Nespresso shot and next a decadent Matcha Latte with all the naughty bits. Then when I really started to hustle and get into a groove I went on to my daily fix of Oi Ocha Dark Iced Green Tea from Ito En. Basically, my go to water replacement everyday. Don’t worry it hydrates just fine. I have recently had my electrolytes checked and everything came back perfect.   Thought I would throw that out there for those naysayers and those that cringe at the thought of drinking tea for hydration. Lets just say it is not a diuretic for me. Next, I am coming in on the final stretch of my cleaning marathon and I go in for a coconut pouchong. I figured it would renew my drive to get it done with some positive tea vibes. Coconut always makes me happy so I figured it had to work and you already know how the story ends so I guess it did.

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Part 2: 

Time for a little company and bam there go the video games, Lego Movie, playing music videos of Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Katy Perry. I skipped the tea and went for some delicious soft red wine and next some amazing Australian Moscato. I am sure you can understand and forgive my decision to skip the tea and go straight for the alcohol. In my defense I drank slow and was totally responsible especially since I was home. Fun was had by all I suggest a repeat for another time.



Part 3:

So excited to logon to Google+ I was finally going to chat tea with other tea obsessed people like me. No one else understands a tea person like another tea person. If you have made it this far into my blog post I am sure you agree with my statement.   That night I was first greeting by Nicole Martin (@TeaForMePlease), then Jo Johnson (@Jopj), and finally Geoffrey Norman (@LazyLiteratus) and once we all got together the fun ensued. We talked about all kinds of tea we had been drinking, our recent favorites, and our upcoming plans to see each other at the World Tea Expo in Long Beach, CA.   To help get things going I decided to “double fist” with a glass of Moscato aforementioned and a cup of Winter Frost. Oddly they worked well together or maybe at that point I was so giddy I didn’t care. Though I was glad to have another hot cup of tea on such a cold day. Did I mention this is day two of frigid temperatures which means this is the second day the kids stayed home from school?   Let me get back on track and say that it looks like the entire crew is going to be making it to Long Beach this year. I will be going alone which is the first time in history for me. Trust me it is hard for me to leave my family if even only for a short while. Especially my youngest who will be about one and half years old and he is a “Mama’s Boy” or maybe it’s the otherway around. I just know there will be a ton of Face Time during my trip. Still despite my reluctance to go at this alone I think it is for the best both personally and professionally. I will have the chance to focus 100% on classes, networking, talking tea, and of course blogging. Doesn’t get better than that. I can’t wait to see everyone. I have booked a room already so it looks like this is happening.

Just think this all happened because it is cold and I am trapped.

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