WTE 2015 Series – Episode 1

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It is official come May 2015 I will be headed to World Tea Expo. This is hard for me to admit but this will be my first trip alone that isn’t a “work” thing. I have never thought of tea as work so I don’t classify it as such.  Now the fun part, I need a plane ticket, Press Pass, Retailer Pass, but the good news is I at least have a room. Let the games begin.

First, I would like to thank Jo Johnson (@jopj) of A Gift of Tea and Scandalous Tea for asking me to participate in the Tea Bloggers Roundtable; this would be my second appearance you can click the link to see info about the last one I participated in.  I am so excited to join my other tea blogging peers and feeling a bit intimidated by their awesomeness, but not to worry I will do my best.   I hope those attending the Expo will be able to come see us in action. It is such an amazing way to learn about each of us, our styles, where we get our ideas, and methods we use to blog. My blog is an ever-changing evolutionary style where I cover subject matter with an infusion of where I am in my life and how tea applies to it.  I won’t give away too much as I want to see you all front and center ready to ask questions and learn all you can.

Second, this year I plan on hunting down new and exciting innovations in tea.  If it’s different I want to know about it.  I am on a mission and I promise to report back what I find. I will still enjoy, appreciate my roots and will always honor tea traditions as well.

Third, I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new friends alike.   There are no friends like tea friends and I am in withdrawal. Having missed last year due to the birth of my amazing son I am ready now to jump back into the preverbal teacup and drink up all I can.

Yes - Asom the original spelling of the Assam tea region on India.
Ethan Asom Carter   Yes – “Asom” the original spelling of the Assam tea region on India. Born Oct. 2013

Finally, I have never been to Long Beach. I am looking forward to explore what tea offerings can be found. I will be on the hunt and what I find I will report time allowing. I hope my fellow tea-buds will join me on my journey.

Please comment here if there is something you would like me to research for you.

Heck comment anyway. I love hearing from you all.

World Tea Expo here I come!

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