Letting Go Is So Hard To Do

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“But it was my favorite for years!” is something I have said far too many times. Why do we hang on to things that clearly don’t mean the same to us anymore? A few of my favorite teas used to come from Teavana years ago but don’t anymore. When I started to explore new teas from new sources I decided I would never drink tea from Teavana again unless they changed their teas to suit more of what I enjoy. They just don’t taste like what tea should to me. However, it was a great starting point for me and for many others like me. I am glad I explored further it has only helped to develop an even deeper love of tea. I am always on the hunt for more and better things; this method applies to nearly ever application in my life. Even now I still continue to explore better options even though I know what I am drinking is some of the best tea anyone will ever have, still that wont deter me from the challenge of finding more. Still there are so many other things in my life where I have difficulty applying the same process. Like an unsatisfying tea experience it is time to make a change for the better. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.

My morning started like any other but then took an unexpected turn. On Facebook someone asked… “If you could, what would you tell your younger self?” I am not sure why but that really sparked some heavy thinking which then snowballed into some actionable items as mentioned in this post.

Obviously if I could I’d send myself the winning lottery numbers, avoid the car accident that nearly took my life twice, I would but I know I can’t do that. Though would I really want too? Everything that has happened to me thus far is what made me who I am today.   Yes, I could pull a “Marty McFly” and jump into my DeLorean and make some serious changes but we all know that isn’t going to happen, too bad too because I had some great ideas.

Nevertheless, here is something I have been doing for far too long. It is time to shed some personally toxic relationships. I have the tea thing under control, heck I even have food within reasonable control, however there is some unfinished business that I must address as they need closure.

We all grow out of certain relationships. I used to drink pop but now I don’t. I don’t even care for it anymore. However, dropping that relationship didn’t result in hurt feelings so it was easy to do. What I really need to do is drop some personal relationships that were once made sense but no longer do. This is a hard thing to deal with but it must be done. Like a diseased appendage it is doing more harm than good and it must be cut off to save the rest.

My problem is and always has been trying to avoid hurting people’s feelings. While this is a good thing it can sometimes be harmful to me. Avoiding hurting others is one of the greatest and worst character traits I have. However, I am quickly learning that everything must be done in moderation and shouldn’t be done whilst sacrificing myself.

Today has taught me that I too am important and if something/someone isn’t good for me that I need to let it go. Just like when I say “No thank you” to that tea sample as I walk by Teavana. I am choosing to no longer be happy with the toxic relationships in my life. I am going to be cutting them out and to make room for bigger and better relationships.


SUMMARY: Though everything has its purpose, a moment in time it proved to be invaluable. We must accept things will change as we are constantly changing. We need to give ourselves permission to move on. We can’t hold onto everything and we must be honest with ourselves and of that fact. Thus allowing us to do what must be done to move ahead and grow.

NOTE: I should mention I still look at the tea ware in Teavana on occasion. I do like some of what they have. Also, I understand many people do like the tea from Teavana and that is perfectly fine for them. Please understand that this post isn’t meant to attack anyone that likes Teavana or Teavana itself. These are my opinions and my opinions alone. Thank you!

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