Tea + Exercise = AWESOME

Tea is awesome

Stop now if you are looking for facts, scientific mumbo-jumbo, or anything that may suggest without a shadow of a doubt that tea is a super power. The information I will be providing is purely based on my experiences and my interpretation of the results I have achieved.

I have hydrated with water just as most do. However, I currently I only drink cold green tea when I am working out instead and here is the difference I have felt.


Water: I feel hydrated enough. It quenches my thirst when I need it most. Outside of the basic sustenance water provides I generally feel the same as I did before slugging the wet stuff, just less thirsty.

Iced green tea

Tea: I feel hydrated, my thirst is quenched as it is with water. However, the flavor is better which does help me be mentally happier. Drinking tea is obviously more exciting and interesting an experience. I also seem to get a gradual increase in energy or perhaps some more stamina. I don’t feel caffeinated as one would think of. Basically I am not jittery or hyper. Basically I feel like I am ready to rock any challenge coming my way. Of course the act of exercising helps me feel this way too. I just feel it more, think of it as “super strength” as opposed to “regular strength.”

Basically when I drink tea I feel like I am able to go a little longer and push myself a little harder. I am always looking for that extra edge. Anything that will help me achieve my goals. Tea is my go to for just about everything. The beauty of tea is its versatility. When I am at the gym I need something that will replenish and hydrate. The bonus I also get a gradual increase in stamina. It helps me push myself harder. Do more without sacrificing my health. There is no sugar or any other junk in my tea. Just water and green tea. I can’t see how anyone can argue with me when I say tea is quite amazing. Why everyone doesn’t drink it all the time is beyond me.

On the flip side, when I’m not pushing myself at the gym or trying to get in more mile. I also use tea to relax. Seriously, one drink can do all this. Best part is tea has been around forever and is easy to get. If you don’t believe me just try it for a week and see for yourself. If I need to relax or unwind I just grab a cup of hot tea. Most times I have it straight sometimes with the works. Of course that is usually the case when I am having chai or a tea party with my daughter.

Oi Ocha dark

imageBack to tea and exercise. I have done the bulk of my experimenting using ready to drink green tea. At the gym I drink Oi Ocha Dark from Ito En. It does the job of hydrating and provides a gentle increase in stamina. Basically when I drink my tea during exercise I feel better overall than when I drink just plain water. When I am home I will still continue to drink the same tea. However, I also drink Ito En’s Sencha Shots they provide a boost of vitality and a burst of energy. Again, this is just plain unsweetened tea. You don’t get any jittery feelings if any kind. However, the Sencha Shot just gives me a bigger boost than does the Oi Ocha Dark.


Keep in mind, this is not scientific in away. These are my experiences and mine alone. If any of you challenge yourselves to try this method please share your results. I am curious how your experiences will be in comparison to mine. In the mean time, be happy, stay healthy, drink tea!

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