Deep Thoughts By Rachel Carter

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy

“Do you remember that time in High School when everyone was more popular than you? Then you were like what do I have to do to be popular too? Then you were like if I knew that, I’d already be doing that.” Hope you picked up on the old Saturday Night Live reference to “Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey” Just my way of cracking a joke this fine April Fools Day.

Lets keep the jokes going shall we? First, when reading this post please imagine a happy and cathartic tone. Though, it may seem I am being negative or perhaps maybe even ranting a little I am in fact not. This is all very matter of fact. Thanks in advance.

I never did figure out what it took to be the popular kid in High School so instead of being someone I wasn’t I decided to find out who I really was. Note this did not happen in High School it is actually happening right now. I think we all need a little maturity before we can truly learn who we are, don’t you think?

One of the best parts of being a blogger with no agenda is I can write what I want. Trust me it is very therapeutic. Frankly, writing to me is a form of personal growth and therapy. So at the end of the day while I do appreciate the occasional praise from those family and friends I hold most dear all in all it isn’t a concern if someone doesn’t like what I have to say.

Back to the personal growth. I have already tried to be the person I think everyone would like me to be and it never got me anywhere or made me happy for that matter. Now I am trying to be the person I like and I see now how that truly is the key to my happiness. I have grown tired of apologizing for my sense of humor, sometimes lack of common sense, ability to trust so easily, and my overall quirky nature. It is who I am like it or not! If you give me a chance you will see I am a loving person. Now, if you hurt me it hurts more than you can even imagine but don’t worry I won’t make you feel uncomfortable, it isn’t in my nature. I will continue to smile and go on. I promise I have a point to all this. There is a lot of past reference and how it ties to now and the realizations that came from it all. Hang in there if you can.

Yesterday the World Tea Expo Tea Award Nominations were posted. In fact I posted them in several places and quickly saw a lot of response on those nominated. There was an obvious consistent theme by those that voiced their opinions, ones I agreed with. I feel there were a lot of people I that deserved to be on the list and others maybe not so much. To me it felt like High School all over again. No, this post isn’t about me being snubbed. I don’t deserve to be up there anyway. I am an inconsistent blogger that doesn’t consistently cover any particular topic. I grab hold of whatever moves me and write about it kind of like now. Obviously I wouldn’t make the list so if anyone is confused I will repeat this once more, this is not about me. I am purely speaking of how I felt this played out for some. I feel this was a bit more about popularity and not as much about content. Love it or hate it that is my opinion. I suppose the reason I don’t respond so well to situations like this is because I truly don’t understand them. I have never been the type to just hit “follow” in the hopes that people follow me back. I have always preferred “quality” over “quantity”. I totally get that I am not in the majority here but then again I have never been in the majority in any aspect of my life so why start now. I am sure I am making a few people upset over this. Fact is most people probably haven’t even made it this far into my post so I am probably in the clear of a lot of backlash. Though a few agreeing nods my way would be appreciated.

For those interested here are a couple of amazing tea people that I believe should have made the list of nominations and didn’t. If you don’t know who they are please check them out. I am sure in time you will agree.

Jo Johnson for Best Tea Personality. There is no one I know that better embodies the definition of what this category represents.
Geoffrey Norman for Best Tea Blog. I love reading Geoff’s posts and I can’t imagine a world without his writing.

Both of the people mentioned here are not aware that I was planning on writing this.

I am beyond thrilled  Nicole Martin, Lu Ann Pannunzio, Alexis Siemons @teaspoonsandpetals, Jen Piccotti, Elyse Peterson, and Tony Gebely made the list among others. I will be honest there were several people I had not heard of before and even some that apparently haven’t been active in a while. I suppose I’ll check them out. Not to worry I am sure they haven’t heard of me either.

As a recap of events it is interesting to see how some things never change. In a way we are all still in High School. Sometimes being popular for the sake of being popular. Keep in mind I am not suggesting that everyone one the list made it because of “popularity” without content.  On the contrary many made it on merit.  I only feel a few made it based on an old school popularity contest.  For me the only difference is I know I will never be apart of that type of popular crowd because I choose not to be. It is nice that this time it was my choice and mine alone.  However, if I decide to pursue a more structured blogging style I know one day it is possible even I could make the list based on merit because I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Congratulations to all those nominated! Can’t wait to see everyone at World Tea Expo next month. Join my fellow bloggers and me at the Bloggers Roundtable on May 7th from 2:30 to 3:30
Bloggers Rountable WTE 2015

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