I Didn’t Do It! – cried the Tea

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“I Didn’t Do It!” – cried the Tea

Let me help solve a the growing mystery around tea and MY weight loss. Was it tea that helped me lose over 100lbs. I hope the answer is obvious but if it isn’t I’ll make myself perfectly clear right now…NO! If tea could do that for me then I would never have become over weight to start. Not to mention the vast majority of tea drinkers out there. Think about it, if tea is only second to water as being the most consumed beverage in the world than why do we as a society suffer from an obesity epidemic? You could argue that people drink tea with a lot of sugar or other additives. Sure, that is possible but I have never been much of sugar person so why me?

Point is, in no way was tea my “diet plan” and this huge weight loss a direct result. However, what I can tell you is how tea helped me.

No More Sugary Drinks

1. Replace Sugary Drinks
Instead of drinking a soda/pop I reached for an unsweetened tea made with no additional additives. Doing this more times than not made a huge difference to my waistline.

Stay Hydrated

2. Keep Hydrated
I made sure I drank a lot of water and when I started to feel hungry but when I wanted something with flavor I drank tea. Sometimes your body sends a message to your brain that you are hungry when in fact you may be thirsty. As a result I tried to drink before I ate. If I was still hungry I ate something. Often a healthy snack or meal with fresh items and plenty of protein.

American Tea Room Brioche Latte 2

3. Replace Traditional Dessert (Not all the time)
I love my sweets. However, to curb my sweet tooth I would make a lightly sweetened tea latte. For this occasion I would treat myself with a sweetened drink made with either almond milk or cows milk depending on the recipe. It hits the spot and at the same time keeps me from eating a lot of empty calories.

While tea on its own wasn’t how I lost the weight tea did help me through my journey.

Personal/Disclosure Note: As always refer to your doctor before starting any weight loss program. What I share on my blog is about my personal journey. I myself am not an expert, Doctor, wizard, or otherwise. Note: My path to a healthier lifestyle started with RYN (Gastric Bypass Surgery in 2014) since then I have developed healthy eating habits, a rigorous workout routine averaging 4-5 days a week, and as a result I am off medications used for chronic illness. My fitness routine involves weights, cardio and I eat generally clean unprocessed food. I have now successfully maintained a healthy weight for 10 months.

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